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Yes, but only if you have lots of time to kill. And if you know where the hint guide is.
Preview: A suburban mall cult has summoned dinosaurs through a portal, and only you can stop them!



Basic Plot & Coherence: 5/5
This game gets a 6, not because cult-summoned dinosaurs dominating a suburban mall is a brilliant and subtle concept, but because it’s executed so well. The game maintains a light humorous atmosphere, and treats the dinosaurs with tongue-in-cheek narration. I wouldn’t quite call this a “lol random” game, as it does have a definate plot and logically foreshadowed puzzles, but it does have elements of lol random games, particularly with the narration style and the way the various characters act. It’s executed very well, however, unlike a lot of bad lol random type games, the jokes make sense, and don’t shove themselves at the reader. The plot itself is pretty simple: You have to close the dinosaur-summoning portal using a neutron bomb found in a dumpster behind the mall.

Characters & Development: 3/4 (usually /5)
All the characters serve their purpose (this isn't a story about characterization), which is why it's rated as high as it is, but it doesn’t go the extra mile.

Grammar: 5/5
I didn’t see any mistakes.
Mastery of Language: 1.5/3
At times the language can be quite humorous.

Mechanics & Coding: 5/5
Probably the game’s biggest strength. For one thing, the size of the game and the amount of places you can go is staggaring. Even just the starting mall is enormous, and there are three or four other hubbubs of activity that you can find. The coding makes sense, I didn’t find any glitches, at least, not any unintentional ones. The use of items is very clever, and, unlike most item-heavy games, I found that if you were paying attention, which item to use in a specific situation became clear. The coding for the trigger of the climax is clever as well.

Branching: 2/2 (usually /3)
It’s clearly a linear puzzle game, but there’s still several different endings (I haven’t found all of them).

Player Options/fair choice: 2/3
There are a couple places where you couldn’t reasonably expect to get the answer to the puzzle without trying just about everything.

Comments: The amount of easter eggs in here is ridiculous. It’s a simply enormous game.

I played through on my own for a while, then cracked, and took the walkthrough. I’ve found endings 1 and 2, but am still missing 3 and 4. As a die-hard completionist, this grates on me. I must return once I have free time.

CONCLUSION: 23.5/27 = 87.04%
-- Gryphon on 4/16/2021 1:56:29 PM with a score of 9110
Easily one of my favorite games on the site. A sprawling, manic chase through an environment, hunting dinosaurs and evil cult members, using weapons like Colon Blow (which, by the way, is my favorite weapon ever)! Jokes galore and a million little distractions and detours! What's not to like?
-- Badger on 10/26/2008 8:22:09 PM with a score of 307
Well, I usually hate the "LOL! Totes so random!" games, but then, I guess this is the original "LOL" Totes so random!" game, and I can respect that.

I did actually enjoy this game. Not sure why, but I just found exploring the weird world and gathering a vast collection of pointless crap to be a load of fun (until I got bored and used the guide.)

I appreciate this game has a lot to be explored, and since so few people have completed it, I do wonder if everything in this game has actually been discovered. I found endings 1, 2 and 4, but not ending 3. It makes me wonder how many endings this game actually has. I should explore it again someday.

So, to sum up... I generally prefer puzzle and exploration games where every puzzle has a set answer, every item has a set use, and you're not just gathering a bunch of random crap with no idea whether or not the shit you pick up will actually ever be useful... But I liked this game anyway! Lots of fun. ^_^
-- Avery_Moore on 10/27/2020 5:12:23 PM with a score of 31184
This was amazing, found endings 1, 2 and 3.
-- FruitsAled on 10/20/2019 11:07:41 PM with a score of 48497
This is a very extensive puzzle game and I loved it! It was obvious there was a lot of effort put into this. Only 41 people have finished this game (as of the time of writing), so I felt pretty accomplished once I had completed the game.
There were a few spelling and grammar mistakes, but nothing that made the story unreadable.
Overall, I'd say that it's not the greatest piece of literature, but it is one of the best games on this site.
-- Cupcakitty__13 on 10/6/2019 10:08:33 AM with a score of 26460
Ball bustingly hard game. Read Alexp's walkthrough here, for those of you who can't beat it:
-- Chris113022 on 9/11/2019 2:24:46 PM with a score of 10967
Now I got ending 2 (I'm only making these comments because supposedly not many people have beaten the game
-- Donkey Cat on 7/18/2019 7:56:19 PM with a score of 44340
I got ending 1!
-- Donkey Cat on 6/27/2019 11:48:27 AM with a score of 3559
I repopulated sweden by myself.
-- Austinc on 2/12/2019 11:34:24 PM with a score of 20523
I usually don't leave comments, but being only the 34th person to finish I guess I have to. If you are struggling to beat it my tip is read some books they really helped me. Now I just have to play it again and try for a better ending. Overall awesome game just needs a few more people to tough it out so it can get ranked.
-- Gymaert on 9/16/2018 3:11:57 AM with a score of 34867
It took me FOREVER, but with only 28 people finishing the game before me, I was determined! It's crazy, it's weird, it's difficult. But above all, it's FUN! And let's face it, there's a great sense of accomplishment being one of less than 30 people to finish it in the years since its release. AND I got to repopulate Sweden with the Swedish bikini team!
-- Glandros on 12/29/2017 11:22:26 PM with a score of 32367
I finally finished this!
Oh gosh, that was hard...and so worth it c:
Now I am one of the 26!
-- Seto on 9/1/2016 3:27:14 PM with a score of 5345

Hardest. Storygame. Ever!
-- MarioRacer010 on 5/25/2016 8:41:11 PM with a score of 884855
Hahaha so much random but just enough sense made to survive the poor grammar broken links and dead link dead ends... Especially rewarding to get Ending 3... oh yes... Don't forget to make that phone call at the height of your glory!
-- Techies on 9/23/2015 7:40:03 PM with a score of 13467
Oh. My. Gosh… That was the hardest story game I have ever played! At first I was kind of bored and confused, because it seemed like there was no end, or point to the game, but then I found the first Item and things started to get really interesting! And then after realizing that the story game has only been finished 17 times out of 6288 plays, I was determined to conquer it! What is interesting about this story game is that, many of the story games that I have played on this site are either purely story based, or story based games. This differs in that it is less of a story and more of an experience, one that is incredibly captivating to live through. Don’t get me wrong, I love stories…But this was refreshing in that it allowed you to create your own story in a way that is unique. I can’t imagine the amount of work and dedication that went into this, and I am very thankful that I have been able to explore and uncover a very small part of this amazing journey. I can’t wait to see what I’ll discover next!
-- temp on 7/13/2015 11:06:11 PM with a score of 1444649
Absolutely loved it! It took me a while to finish it but it was totally worth it!
-- caroine96 on 7/15/2014 9:49:28 PM with a score of 495084
Got ending one, great game
-- Joseph on 3/29/2014 8:03:08 AM with a score of 358
I beat it. Good game by the way
-- Spacemost on 9/29/2013 3:03:03 PM with a score of 7785
It would appear that I constitute 5.55 percent of all the people who have completed this game. HOT DAMN!
-- Loon on 2/27/2013 5:31:43 PM with a score of 2293
Even after the countless hours I have logged into this masterpiece, I simply cannot let it go. There are no words to describe the divine adventure that you will embark upon when you click "Play Jurassic Fairview Park". This game maintains an expert balance between humor, intense action, exploration, challenge, and the plethora of available options is indescribable, and the only thing more expansive and inspiring is the imagination of George McDougall that made it all happen. I have access to EVERY secret of this game, and yet every time I play I discover something new. This story makes me want to drive out to Fairview Park, OH, just to see the manic and unbelievably enticing setting for myself. This game has everything, from the exploration of the town to the brilliantly crafted and cinematic showdown in the mall at the game's climax, to even menial things like playing poker on Robin Hood Street and acting retarded in the mall to get free food. The humor in this game is unmatchable, and the tapestry that George weaves for us (and thankfully, for free) is the greatest literary adventure I've ever experienced. I can't wait until the spelling and grammar is fixed, the items work properly, and the game is (more or less) complete. If anything that I've said hasn't convinced you to check this out yet, you are about to miss out on the eighth wonder of the world. I just have three more words to wrap up this understated and brief compliment to Jurassic Fairview Park: Play. This. Game.
-- Red45 on 1/1/2013 2:22:51 AM with a score of 3247317
Wow! That's crazy hard >_<
-- BerkaZerka on 2/12/2012 10:42:39 PM with a score of 22031

3711555. 3,711,555. Almost 4 MILLION dollars. Sometimes it's nice to know all the secrets of the game.
-- Red45 on 3/15/2011 5:29:23 PM with a score of 3711555
There's a really weird glitch if you use register 1 in waldens and jump in front of a nonexistant car - you either teleport to radio shack or you teleport into vallo's car with the midget.
-- Red45 on 3/7/2011 11:50:29 AM with a score of 13556
This really needs a spell check but it was still awesome. 8/8. If an admin is reading this I volunteer to clean up the spelling... haha
-- Red45 on 2/27/2011 1:58:29 PM with a score of 2578
So funny! I love the movie theater death and tuning the radio in the car to 89.3
-- Chihuahua on 2/26/2011 8:17:12 PM with a score of 1928
I had to play it again. This is definitely my favorite game on the site. Hands down.
-- Jeff on 8/9/2010 8:59:39 PM with a score of 40914
Awesome! But it took a long time and I had to use a guide. :/
-- Jeff on 11/11/2009 6:02:44 PM with a score of 18031
YES! Jeez that was hard, now I've rated all of Mystery / Puzzle!
-- checker444 on 4/11/2009 8:42:25 AM with a score of 13786
Cool, though it could be possible to patch up the links, find more uses for the items, and put Victoria's Secret back in.
-- primates3 on 8/5/2007 2:01:39 PM with a score of 3771
YYEEESSSS!!! I beat it! great game chocobot that was freakin hard!
-- DarthVader_13 on 4/25/2007 6:58:01 PM with a score of 36399
Clever use of items, the ending was great. Lots of red herrings and seemingly useless items. Very difficult.
-- madglee on 12/7/2006 3:22:56 PM with a score of 6624
Holy shit that rocks. I got the best ending.
-- JJJ on 7/26/2006 2:35:44 AM with a score of 15204
HOLY CRAP!!! lol that was complex and hard and even difficult. ok, so i still cheated with a walk through but i feel 1000000 times better knowing this game is behind me. good story line and solid choices. i just wish it was finished and a little less difficult.
-- nate on 7/26/2006 2:02:45 AM with a score of 28264
Yay us! We won! Booyah! Dis is a great game!
-- Harry & Jackson on 2/25/2005 3:48:18 PM with a score of 5042
This took several hours to beat, deprived me of a good night's sleep and probably wrecked my grade curve as a result, but it was worth it! Play this game today (or, better yet, when you have a lot of free time!)
-- Mighty Victor Commando on 2/14/2005 11:32:06 PM with a score of 9160
That was awsome! It took me a few days to complete it. I thought that was a cool picture at the end, when the dinosaurs where getting sucked in. Although...what happens to your pet dinosaur anyway?
-- Eddie on 8/4/2003 1:46:01 PM with a score of 1864
Woo Hoo i won again!! This game is wicked, but now i got the statue of me the size of Alaska!!! Wow i love this game and i think this game should have been a nominee for the contest! Hey, march5th00, please make this a nominee!<br><br>For proof i got it the size of Alaska<br><br>Your happy with all the rewards you've gotten for killing all the Dinosaurs and stuff, but you'd reall y like a woman to share that happiness with. So you call up the girl you met at the Gap adn fall in love. You guys get married and have lots of kids, who all grow up to be very important people and superheroes who are busy saving peoples lives, and the same goes for your grandchildren, who end up creating a giant statue in your honor. It is the size of Alaska but it is placed in the center of the U.S. Everybody agrees it is a good idea. Your statue has the lowest amount of crime per rate of population.
-- solostrike on 3/1/2003 11:35:54 AM with a score of 3782
I WON WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO OH YEAH, I have been trying to win for so long now but i did!<br><br>Here was my reward for proof!<br><br>Congratulations Son! Says the President as you are handed Medal of Honor, Nobel Peice Prize, Stanley Cup and all these other tropies. You are the largest hero in the World! What could be a more greater acheivement, this acheivement clearly outweighs getting straight A's in finals or even destroying the Taliban, after all you you stopped Dinosaurs from taking over the world!!!<br>You have your own international holiday named after you. Now what are you going to do?
-- solostrike on 2/28/2003 10:34:13 AM with a score of 9559
-- ESRTIOKNE on 2/27/2003 12:20:29 PM with a score of 33124
Not a bad little game, but you desperately need a copy editor to clean up your grammar, punctuation and spelling.<br><br>
-- Kelly Koepke on 6/12/2002 8:54:00 PM with a score of 704
Boy, do you need a spell checker.
-- irwriter on 6/12/2002 6:57:24 PM with a score of 45255
as per halogenstudios-ga's request, beat the game
-- JDog-ga on 6/12/2002 3:45:27 PM with a score of 396320
Oh yeah baby! Won it 3 different ways! Georgie this game is a masterpiece of epic proportions. i pity the fool that don't like your game.
-- march5th00 on 4/3/2002 6:03:32 PM with a score of 16088
Sweet! I got a statue the size of alaska built after me! Great game ... you weren't joking about it being tough! Ha. But I finally beat it ... if only there were a save game feature ... hmmm
-- alexp on 3/6/2002 10:17:05 AM with a score of 6064
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