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I am a simple frog. One might say a radically cool frog. I sits and that's mostly it. I like to think of myself as an influencer of sorts. I inspire many people to go out and do great things, like war crimes.

A great man once told me,

" Listen here you cum dumpster, it's shit like this why no one loves you. You will grow old and die alone forgotten and ignored. The only attention you'll get is when the nurse at the home sneaks in to beat the shit outta you after a hard day.  So, how about you do the humane thing and end your life early. I hear dropping a plugged in toaster into your tub is just to die for. "



Bondo the Frog

The thrilling action-adventure/romance/comedy/thriller/fantasy/drama/epic/mystery story you'll ever read. Filled with a famous award winning cast.

Campfire and Candlelight

While on a month long survival camp, some scouts find themselves in the middle of something much bigger than s'mores and backpacking.

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The forum is dead and we killed it on 12/13/2023 7:36:08 AM

Your mom


(I'll see what I can do)

The forum is dead and we killed it on 12/12/2023 11:21:49 PM

Today, we gather to honor and celebrate the life of CYS Forums, which touched the hearts of everyone it encountered. I know I have been touched many times in many places by the diverse souls here in the community. I'd like to take a moment to thank my mom, Jesus, and most importantly, you, Mizal.
I can confidently say that the CYS forums have played a large part in my life, and like Sour Patch Kids, during the moment there was nothing but sourness, but now there is nothing but a sickly sweet aftertaste.

Interesting Comments 7 on 12/1/2021 10:34:18 AM

I think it is hard to play because you aren’t aware at the beginning that you can fight monsters. It took me awhile and I was kind of bored while playing it. Overall, it was pretty good.

— Fitzphie4life on 11/17/2021 12:21:52 AM with a score of 53020 on Dungeon Stompage!


did you read the fucking description? I am so confused by this comment. How could you not know you can fight monsters, in a dungeon game, where you're given weapons, and options to fight are clearly written?

O'wl draw you! on 11/29/2021 8:15:59 PM

that looks so majestic holy shit

Bracketed Dueling #1 on 11/29/2021 6:08:12 PM

That sounds good! Sorry for the rescheduling, I'm almost failing some of my classes and I need to bring them up by the semester. I'm excited to see the prompt!

Bracketed Dueling #1 on 11/29/2021 5:52:15 PM

Great advice, thank you! :D

You are so smart and talented, tman.

Bracketed Dueling #1 on 11/29/2021 5:49:57 PM

I don't know if I'll be able to work on it completely during the school week. I think the 2nd to the 5th would work for me. However, if it's cool with everyone else, doing it during Christmas break would be ideal for me. But if y'all don't want to wait that long, I understand.

O'wl draw you! on 11/29/2021 7:52:43 AM

ooh who drew the first one?

Help on "Escape from School" on 11/29/2021 1:53:42 AM

I love puzzle games, and it's not often I ask for help on them. But one game, Escape from School has me stumped. And it looks like it has for a lot of people, as only 18 have rated it.

Now, I'm not looking for a complete runthrough, just help on one part, if anyone has it. Spoilers ahead.

I've collected 4 keys, the unnamed one, the office one, the 100s one, and the 200s one. I've unlocked 3 janitor's closets, and all the unlockable rooms in the 100s and 200s. I've collected the basketball, tap shoes, flashlight (on), battery, and flute. I've gone through the entire maze and found the door, tried all the keys. One comment under the game said you need 5 keys to beat the game, so I am missing one. I've gone through every room I can think of, and tried every item combination that made sense. I don't want to take the easy way out and get caught by the guard, but I can't see any way forward.

I searched the forums for mention of the game, and of the two, no help was found.

I would appreciate if anyone could help! :)

O'wl draw you! on 11/28/2021 11:20:36 PM

Thank you :)

I think the expression is just kinda blank y'know like frogs do

forg go blep

And for the reference, anything is fine! I think a visual reference would be good, but if you've got a character you want drawn that doesn't have a ref yet I'm totally fine with a description.

Also I'm best with humans and humanoids, but I can do some creatures.