Jurassic World: Return to Site B

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Story Difficulty7/8

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Contains content that may not be suitable for persons under age 10. If this were a movie, it would probably be between G and PG.

Many years have passed since the Jurassic Park incident, when a man named John Hammond attempted to create a park filled with dinosaurs and failed spectacularly. You, a survival expert, have aquired a mysterious, and lucrative, offer from a man named Simon Masrani; the new owner of inGen. Your mission, along with others, is to travel to a top secret island known as "Isla Sorna". Here, the dinosaurs cloned by Hammond live free, and have even established their own ecosystem, and Masrani wishes you to keep that ecosystem in place. However, as you explore the island, more options become available, and you must ask yourself if you really want to ensure that the dinosaurs remain on earth, or whether they should go extinct a second time...


This game features:

-An accessible narrative. While there are some easter eggs and minor plot points that will appeal to fans of the books and the films, the story is meant to be understandable and accessible by everyone, even those with little knowledge of the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World stories.

-A large open world. When you are sent to Isla Sorna, you may explore the locations on the island in any way you wish., as well as discover plenty of stories along the way that allow you to unravel the hidden history of the area.

-A dynamic world, with a functional clock, weather system and ecosystems. Some places on the island will not be accessible all day, and some will be closed of during harsh weather conditions, as well as certain special events. So when you return to certain areas, you may find them to be quite different the second time around. Clues are scattered around the island that will tell you how to access some of these areas and events.

- Living Dinosaurs and an island ecosystem. The Dinosaurs on the island are complex animals, and their behaviours are defined by many different factors. Some dinosaurs are active only at certain times in the day, others have behaviour determined by the weather, and they all have their own territory which they will prefer to live in, unless something drives them out. If a dinosaur is driven out of their territory, then it is likely they will have to fight other dinosaurs on the island. Perhaps you could use this to your advantage... Furthermore, the ecosystem on Isla Sorna is resilient, but not indestructable. If you do too much damage to the ecosystem, you could end up reducing, or even eliminating, the dinosaur population.

-A collectible system. In the island, you will likely stumble upon different items. Using advanced tech on your Base, you can use these items to discover useful information on the dinosaurs that inhabit the island, and perhaps even find ways to survive encounters with them.

-A survival system. Make sure that you keep an eye on your exposure; you don't want to starve to death on your adventure. Camps and hidden food supplies are scattered around the island, so even if you're in trouble, you may just get lucky enough to make it back to base.


A note on bugs: A LOT of testing went into this game and I believe I have taken out as many bugs as possible. However as there are very many ways to interact with the game world I cannot say for certain that it is 100% bug free, so feel free to report any problems.

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