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Glasses aren't my favorite things, but I like to be random and I wear them.


From here on, I'm just filling up space.


Please ignore the following comment.


Disreguard previous message.


Here is a random object, an orange.


This is kind-of fun!





And here is another random object, a key!


This isn't much of a profile, is it?


_(Insert comment here)_


Hey! Are you still reading this?




By the way, play my games.



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The Curse of Anuran

You have been cursed by an evil sorceror. Your job is to discover what the curse is and it's effects. This is my first game, so be honest about your comments, please.

The Revised Conneth Quiz

This is a quiz about the games Conneth has been an Author/Co-author of. Best played if you have played The Curse of Anuran, The Virtual Reality Game, and U.R. a Magician.


1. Some questions may have more than one answers.

2. Most of these questions are very detailed, so be sure to play the others before this one.

Scoring System

If you missed all the questions, you are one big, fat, lazy slob on a couch.

If you got 1-3 questions correct, you have been cursed by Anuran.

If you got 4-6 questions correct, you have accidentally turned yourself into a pig.

If you got 7-9 questions correct, you have a normal kind of fun.

If you got 10-12 questions correct, you have found your wand in some pizza.

If you got 13-14 questions correct, you have survived up to Level Four.

If you got all the questions correct, you have beaten the Virtual Reality Machine.

The Virtual Reality Game

You go to an arcade and see a game in a mysterious booth, a game where you hook yourself to a machine with a mask and choose a level. Don't worry, you don't really die...unless you freak yourself out to death.

U R: A Magician

U R a magician. Spend your day at the wizard academy learning spells and finding adventure!

U R: An Astronaut
unpublished , coauthor

astronaut.jpgYou have been selected by NASA to search new galaxies and discover new planets in your own personal spaceship, the Seeker. You have already completed your training for your expedition, you just need to finish a mini-trek to the moon to prove that you can pilot and land in realistic conditions. After you have done this, the galaxy is yours to explore!


-Ten unique planets/space locations to explore!

-Puzzles and a hidden storyline!

-Scoring system based on discoveries!