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Remember The Real Plague on 3/19/2020 9:21:46 PM

I mean, the original New Warriors sucked, so no surprise here. I'm more surprised by the fact the sissy black dude seems to have an ant nest for a dick.

What are your first impressions? on 3/13/2020 3:35:36 PM

I mean, if I'm being completely honest my first impression of the character whom you are supposedly introducing is that I don't really know anything about him. This whole thing is confusing and sounds like a bunch of fancy words without much real meaning. Granted, I don't know soliloquy but you asked for impressions and that's mine.

EndMaster's short stories on 2/28/2020 2:19:41 PM


Another Triggered Faggot on 2/27/2020 8:44:08 PM

Shut up beaner

Another Loose CoG on 2/21/2020 8:34:35 PM

Calla la boca pinche puto cagabolas

Cricket Appreciation Thread on 2/14/2020 8:50:49 AM

I hadn't found the time to sit down and write a long reply to this. Honestly I'm still feeling pretty bummed out about this whole business.

Cricket is the person I like the most on the site, period. She's smart, funny, a good writer and reviewer, and I like to think that she and I think alike on many issues and share opinions on several subjects. I told her in a PM that I consider "the closest to a friend that someone on the internet can be" but I realize now that's not true. In fact, I like Cricket a lot more than many of the people I call friends irl.

All in all, I really can't help but repeat what has already been said, which is just further proof of how much everyone likes Cricket. It's honestly gonna be sad not to wake up to Cricket ranting about her bad eating habits in Scullery or taunting some poor dumb noob who stumbled upon the server. But ultimately I'm at least glad that we know what's going on her and that she's alright, as opposed to simply vanishing one day.

I'll miss her, but I keep hope that she'll come back to us someday.

Poems on 1/27/2020 11:22:21 AM

Thrilled to have you back!

Hello! I'm new, nice to meet you all! on 1/3/2020 2:11:17 PM


look, a fat raccoon 

CYS Discord: Now with flying cars! on 1/3/2020 2:09:37 PM

I've done what was asked of me.


CYS Discord: Now with flying cars! on 1/1/2020 9:47:54 PM