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In the land of Hjalmarch, King Ádemar has risen from a lowly noble to ruler of most of the Mainland through his genius tactics and the innovative use of hired blades and mercenary companies to fill the ranks of his army. As he moves further west into elven lands, his need for more able troops increases, prompting him to hire even more mercenaries to bolster his forces. You are Galen Ryder, leader of one

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Telltale Games shuts down on 9/22/2018 4:42:28 PM

This is unexpected. The first walking dead game was very good, and the ones after that were ok. The only other game of theirs that sucked me in was GoT. But then again, after a while they really started to bore me with the whole feeling of irrelevance their stories acquired when you would arrive at the same damn endings regardless of your choices. I stopped following them after borderlands precisely because of the "illusion of choice" that plagued their games. GoT and season 2 of TWD where the only ones who didn't suffer from this in my opinion, and actually made me feel like my choices mattered. Anyway, I always hoped they would continue GoT but that clearly isn't happening anytime soon. 

Fantasy storygame in the works on 9/21/2018 8:44:32 PM

Thanks for taking time to read the page and offering your feedback, you've given me much to think on. On some of the points you raised:

Regarding the king's background, the whole commoner turned king was an early draft which I've now reconsidered based on your input and my own realization at the unlikeliness of the whole thing. The new story is that Ádemar was the nephew of the last king of the largest human kingdom in the south. When the king died, the throne should have gone to his son but Ádemar used his somewhat strong claim to the throne (being prince of the royal dynasty eligible for kingship) to raise an army and reinforced it with mercenaries which was an oddity at the time what with honorable warfare and everything (this also had the effect of building up his reputation as a "dishonorable" or false king, but then again no one could do anything since he just started conquering everything in his way). This way, he already has the resources to field an army of mercenaries and the possibility to claim the throne plausibly. He would essentially be the Ethelwold to his cousin's Edward the Elder, if you're into old english monarchs.

I may be putting too little importance on arcane warriors and magic, which is dumb now that I think about considering how magic is portrayed as a ridiculously destructive force in most fantasy settings. I'll probably remove any mention of arcane warriors for now and just replace them with regular elf dudes, and then introduce the arcane warriors as your company moves further west into elven territory. In fact, now that I think about it it doesn't make sense for arcane warriors who are supposed to be the badasses of the elven army to be defending some abandoned, nondescript town.

I don't think Ryder really expected any of them to join up, with the whole "you just burned down our town" thing. It was mostly a "what if" situation and when faced with the prospect of being worked to death or fighting as a free man I think it is not unreasonable to think some people would at least entertain the idea. Naturally new recruits, especially those joining up under unusual circumstances would be closely watched by senior members of the company during their first few days. And the slave girl is just young in comparison to the others, not young in general. Twenty something I'm thinking. She will be properly introduced later, which is why her initial presentation is short and to the point. 

The human kingdoms are pretty much like 8th century english kingdoms: pious, sexist, bellic and extremely racist. In this case, their racism extends to elves, dwarves, easterners like Reva and pretty much anything that isn't a purebred human. Reva has definetely had it tough but she has worked her way up the mercenary food chain because she can kill literally anyone and thus doesn't take shit from anyone. I'd also imagine that mercenary companies would be more lenient in accepting women if they can fight. The Talons in particular have a non-discrimination policy. For Ryder, if you can fight or at least are willing to learn, then you're good. As for Ádemar, he's already tarnished his honor by employing mercenaries to fight his battles, a couple women fighting for him as well are of small concern and again, no one can really do anything about it because no one can stand up to Ádemar. Also, Reva's status as a berserker is not common knowledge and Gudmund and his men are exactly that; idiots. In Gudmund's mind, there was no way a woman, no matter how talented could kill Boversk. Guess he found out the hard way. Oh, and the swing with the hammer was definetely a horizontal swing, hence the "trying to hit her on the side of the head". I screwed up, my bad.

I wasn't trying to imply that mercenaries would just break their contract just because. But think from their point of view; they're mercs. They tend to work for the largest reward with least risk involved. They're used to fighting goblin infestations, or bandits preying on roads. Then one day comes along comes some noble offering them insane amounts of money to join his army. Most of them jump out at the opportunity and sign their contracts. Now, they are sworn to Ádemar and have become pretty much an army as the king has them fighting out in the open field, fighting entire kingdoms and laying siege to fortresses. Sure, some like Torstein are thriving with the situation, but many more simply want to go back to the way things were. 

Anyway, most of what I'm trying to explain here clearly isn't evident on the first page or else you wouldn't have brought it up. I'll try to change some things around in order to solve those doubts and try to create a clearer setting for first time readers. Also, like with the elven slave some stuff I'll just leave to explain later. I'll also make sure to take in mind your suggestion regarding how I want realism to factor in and I'll be more careful with the long sentences. Again, thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts.

Fantasy storygame in the works on 9/20/2018 9:00:46 PM

Well shit, I’d better change it then. Don’t really want my character being associated with a zoophile.

Fantasy storygame in the works on 9/20/2018 8:34:22 PM

Hmm, yes I can see how it may get annoying reading his name in the same sentence as “Raiders” or “horse riders”. 

Fantasy storygame in the works on 9/20/2018 8:16:43 PM

So after losing interest in writing a crappy GoT fanfic, I've decided to instead shift some of the ideas I had for that into a fantasy story set in my own world. So far I have a couple pages done but I do intend to finish this thing eventually. So far, the basic idea is as follows.

King Ádemar, once a lowly commoner, has risen to rule the largest territory in the mainland of the world (still deciding on a name) thanks to his genius warfare tactics and his innovative use of hired blades and mercenaries as the bulk of his army. Having conquered most of the human kingdoms in the southeast, he has decided to move further north into the Storm Raiders' (think Vikings) territory and further west into elven lands. You take on the role of Galen Ryder, the leader of one of the mercenary companies sworn to the king. Together with your co-leader, a former slave  from the Ishtaray Isles of the far east called Reva you lead the Crimson Talons, one of the fiercest companies under the employ of Ádemar. 

And that's pretty much what I have so far without giving too much away. For good measure, I'll also post my first page so feel free to tear away at it and share your thoughts. 

First page:

You run your sword through the arcane warrior before he can finish casting whatever he was about to unleash on you and then bash him in the face with your shield, yanking back your sword as you do. As his lifeless body slumps back into the ground, you take a quick glance around the town and see the rest of your men finishing what little enemies are left. You make a quick headcount and feel relieved at not having lost any men, but the again it isn't really surprising. When your army started to push further west, the elves that inhabited these lands began to retreat to the far west, back to their ancestral homelands. What little towns were left behind have only symbolic defenses and have been falling steadily to your troops. You are not sure just how far west your employer King Ádemar intends to go, but as long as he's paying you and your company you'll continue to fight in his name you suppose. 

Over in the distance you see Reva -the co-leader of your company- pacing and breathing heavily as she clenches her twin blood-soaked blades in her hands. Having known her for many years now, you know better than to try to approach her when she is like this. Reva is a berserker, an ancient order of dwarven warriors known for their skill in battle and most importantly for their world famous bloodrage; Once they have managed to "work themselves up", berserkers enter an almost psychotic trance-like state in which they can fight with heightened fury and speed, shrugging off even grievous injuries as they lay waste to all around them. While Reva is a human from the Ishtaray Islands to the far east, she learned the way of the berserker from a group of dwarves she traveled with some time ago. You don't exactly know all the details about berserkers but from what Reva has told you they learn how to channel between emotions like anger, fear and rage at will and then harness them into the bloodrage they are famous for. However, when a fight is over berserkers need some minutes to "work themselves down", or else risk attacking innocents in their bloodrage. A setback of being a human berserker, according to Reva, is that she is unable to really tap into her bloodrage the way a dwarf does, something about how the dwarven mind is wired differently to humans'. Deciding to leave Reva alone for now, you walk deeper into the town to survey the situation.

When you arrive at what you assume to be some sort of town square, you see your men rounding up the civilians who didn't flee the town when you arrived. They aren't many, so it shouldn't be a problem to transport them back to Hollow Point, Ádemar's new fortress for his campaign in the west. Before you do, you first want to see if any of these elves are willing to join up with your company since you are still a couple men short since Ádemar tried pushing north into Storm Raider occupied lands with insufficient forces. You stand in front of the 20 or so captured civilians and look intently at them.

"I won't lie to you, the rest of your lives won't be easy after today. Most of you will be sent to Hollow Point where you will be put to work. If you are lucky you may be drafted into Ádemar's army -" you pause as you look around their burned down town. "-But you are not lucky. The truth is that most of you will spend the rest of your days mining iron or building machines and equipment for the war effort. I'm here to offer an alternative; if you join the Crimson Talons, you will be safe from Ádemar, you will be fed, and more importantly you will be free to do as you please as long as you do not break your contract. Yes, you may die fighting and yes, you will undoubtedly have to fight your elven brethren later on but it is either that or slavery. Your choice." you finish as you take some steps backwards. All of them stare at you with a mixture of hate and disgust, and one of the older ones begins to yell out what you can only assume are curses in their language. Soon most of them have joined him in his rant and you order your men to take them away. Then, one of the quieter ones stands up and walks up to you. She is young and for some reason her clothes are less good looking than the others', and her appearance in general seems much more unkempt than that of the rest. She nods awkwardly at you and you realize she actually has decided to join you. You nod in response and she stands to your side. At this point, the curses have shifted from you to her and the rest of the elves begin cursing and spitting at her. One word in particular is repeated by all of them, and it is actually a word you understand. Slave. That would explain why this elf was so quick to shed her loyalty to her people if it meant her freedom. The captured citizens are finally herded off by some of your men and you instruct the rest of them to begin searching the houses for gold or anything of value. Just as your men begin walking off to carry out this task, you hear a thundering voice screaming at you from behind.


-Ah, shit- you think to yourself.

You look back and see Gudmund and his company of mercs approaching. The attack on this town was carried out by both your companies, but in reality it was you who did all the heavy lifting while Gudmund and his men went straight to the town hall to kill the town's leader, who was likely only protected by a small personal guard.

"Not so fast!" he repeats in between gasps, apparently having tired himself from the small sprint between the town hall and here. Gudmund is a fairly unimpressive man a little on the heavy side. He is flanked by a giant of a man wielding an appropriately large war hammer and wearing full plate armor. Having more or less recovered his breath Gudmund speaks again. "Me and my men just killed this shithole's mayor or whatever, so anything in these houses belongs to us, including that pretty little thing." he says while pointing at your newest addition to the Talons and licking his lips in a most disturbing fashion. "I'm pretty sure it doesn't work like that Gudmund. My men took these houses from the guards that were defending them. Whatever we find in there is ours, and this elf is a member of the Crimson Talons." you say calmly. Gudmund glows an unnatural shade of red and begins shouting again. "No! That won't do little Ryder! I've been doing this for way longer than you have, and I know how these things go. We killed the leadership and so the spoils go to us! You will give over what is in those houses along with the elven bitch or else."

You rub your forehead and wonder how such an idiot ever came to be in charge of anything. The point is moot now, anyway. Gudmund is here and he is willing to fight you over some gold and a prisoner. While you have no doubt you could take down Gudmund's company, you would most certainly lose men doing so and more importantly, Ádemar would surely disapprove if he found out you exterminated one of the mercenary companies sworn to him. For a moment you consider giving in to his demands, but in the end your pride outweighs your common sense.

 "I'm not going to give you neither the houses nor the girl, but I also have no wish to kill all of your men. So how about this: You and me, one on one. Winner takes all and loser, well, dies." you say with a grin. Gudmund considers your words for a moment and then answers, spitting large amounts of saliva as he speaks. "A good old fashioned trial by duel, huh? Fine, I agree but I uh... I injured my knee kicking one of these elven bastards dead. Surely this puts me at a disadvantage against you. I propose then that this be a fight of seconds; my second, Boversk, against your second." He says as he points to his oversized companion. You knew Gudmund was a coward, but you still didn't expect him to be so open about it. By this point, you notice Reva making her way through your men to come to your side having already abandoned her bloodrage. "Fine -" you answer, "-Reva will be my second."

Gudmund and his men begin laughing at your words. "A bitch? Har har! You may as well just let me have the plunder now!" he laughs, clearly never having seen Reva fight as he steps back to allow Boversk to take a few practice swings with his war hammer. You simply look at Reva and nod while she returns a knowing smile. While she is no longer in her bloodrage Reva is still a ridiculously good fighter and you pity this big idiot. Both companies almost instinctively form a circle around Boversk and Reva, who begin to circle each other. Boversk begins to shout some threats in the language of the Storm Raiders of the north, which would explain his rather large physique. Reva simply looks at him like a predator, with both her swords in each hand. 

Boversk throws the first strike, swinging his hammer overhead in an attempt to catch Reva on the side of the head. She easily ducks under the swing and digs one of her swords into her opponents' left shin, who screams in pain. In response, Boversk tries to smash his hammer down into Reva but she rolls to one side and delivers a powerful kick to his injured leg. The northman falls to one knee and that is all that Reva needs. Moving as fast as lightning, she rolls on top of Boversk to position herself behind him and with surgical precision she burrows her remaining sword in the small space between the plates of his neck. She then grabs her second blade from his leg and runs it through the opposite side of his neck. Finally, she grabs hold of the handles of both swords and while the giant chokes on his own blood, she pulls the left blade clockwise and the right one counter-clockwise, effectively severing his head from his body as a geyser of blood erupts from the bloody hole in his neck. She sheathes the bloody swords and holds the severed head in both hands as Boversk's massive, headless body slumps down with  a thud. Walking towards Gudmund who looks shocked beyond words, she throws the head at his feet and walks back towards you.

"I think that settles it Gudmund. Unless you would like to take my original offer and fight me yourself?" you say with a smile. Gudmund doesn't answer and simply motions the rest of his men to walk away.  Once they are gone you in turn order your men to resume their previous orders and sit down on the ground as everyone goes about their duties. Reva sits down next to you with her legs crossed and looks into the distance while you stare at her. She's definitely beautiful, with the golden skin and emerald eyes typical to the eastern folk of the Ishtaray Islands barely sticking out from the coats of blood she's covered in. Her musculature matches your own and she's the only person you know who could absolutely wipe the floor with you in combat even without her bloodrage. You get lost in your thoughts until Reva speaks up, snapping you out of it.

"You're doing it again." she says in her eastern accent, emphasizing consonants and pronouncing the silent "R"s. You realize she's referring to your staring. "Pardon me my lady." you answer with a chuckle. She hates when you call her that. "These fights are pointless." she changes the subject. "The defendants of these shitty little towns are pathetic and the rewards for taking them -both material and strategic- are almost nonexistent." she continues while still staring into the burning livelihoods.

"I agree." you answer simply. Reva seems annoyed at your answer. "Then why the fuck are we doing it?" she retorts. You stand up as you see your men returning with footlockers filled with whatever they could find. You offer a hand to Reva and answer her question as she gets up. "Because we have a contract with Ádemar, and if we break that contract he'll send his northern dog Torstein to hunt us down like deer." 

Torstein is a northman from the Storm Islands who made his fame as a Storm Raider, sacking countless towns and cities along the Storm Coast and conquering large amounts of land for the northmen. He was eventually exiled from the Storm Islands for sleeping around with the Storm King's wife and he became a mercenary in the mainland. Torstein's company is one of the largest ones employed by King Ádemar and he has become one of the King's top lieutenants. His company has made a name for themselves for fighting the toughest battles in Ádemar's conquest of the mainland and for being the King's personal hit squad, being sent out to hunt down and kill any dissenters to Ádemar's rule as well as any deserters of the army, including mercenaries who break their contract. Besides the pretty decent pay and benefits that the King's contracts ensure, fear of Torstein and his men is probably one of the reasons most mercenaries don't break their contract.

"I've killed men like Torstein before. If he ever gets in our way I'll be happy to rip out his throat." Reva says almost cheerfuly as she stands. "Let's go. I've had enough of this place."

"So have I. Talons, move out!" you order as you begin walking away from the town square, soon followed by the rest of your company. And so begins the long walk back to Hollow Point.

New draft for my storygame on 7/20/2017 5:19:53 PM

Thanks for your insight, I'll be sure to take into account when I take a second look at what I have.

New draft for my storygame on 7/18/2017 12:28:59 PM

It begins shortly before Eddard Stark's execution, and is intended to cover the events up to the battle of the bastards, provided I manage to keep writing for that long. 

New draft for my storygame on 7/18/2017 9:57:21 AM

Yes, he is. My story however is based on the world and characters depicted on the HBO series, not on the ASOIAF novels. As far as I know, HBO doesn't hate fanfic and there are thousands of works from their various shows. Granted most of them are on kindergarten level, but they're there. I also think that my story actually borders on the line about fanfic, since most of he characters are my original ones, and any major characters are only mentioned in passing or make cameos that don't interrupt their appearances in the show. Especially onsidering most fanfic absolutely takes over characters from the work itself and has them doing completely inconceivable stuff or turns them into the unwilling participant of some weird sexual fantasy. Idk, I'm probably rambling by now. Just my thoughts on the matter.

New draft for my storygame on 7/17/2017 7:00:09 PM

The following is the opening page for the storygame. Two choices are presented at the end; one is "The Battle Plan", which directly continues the story and the second one is the already shared "War Council", an optional additional info page. Again, feel free to take a look and comment on anything you want.

Chapter 1: What Is Dead Is Already Dead

You awaken to the sounds of war drums echoing their militaristic tunes all across your tent. Elyssa's naked body is still intertwined with yours and you can feel the warmth of her body against yours. You don't want to get up. You'd like to spend the rest of the day here with her, savoring every moment of her presence. The touch of her fingers. The softness of her snowy white skin and the delicious smell of her brown hair. You know you can't though. Your father has marched a great deal of House Purell's men here, to the port city of Saltcrest to help defend it and fortunately or unfortunately you are in charge of a great part of that force as his offspring. Cursing under your breath, you slowly shuffle away from Elyssa's embrace and sit on the edge of the bed. While you are gathering your thoughts, you hear someone entering the tent and a familiar voice soon follows.

"My Lady, sorry to disturb you but your father has called for... Oh! I... I am quite sorry! I thought you were alone. I didn't..."

"It's quite alright Andere. And I've told you countless times, I'm not your Lady. I'm not even a Purell."                            

"My Lady, I'm so sorry. I... I should leave."

"Why? Am I that bad looking without my clothes on?" you chuckle.

"Of... Of course not my Lady! I simply meant that... By the Gods, I'm making a fool out of myself!"

You can't help but laugh. "That you are."

Andere is supposed to be your handmaiden, though considering your duties, she serves a role more like that of a squire. You were actually surprised when your family assigned you one, considering your un-ladyness and particularly that your upbringing wasn't that of a Purell but of a Rivers; a bastard. Still, you have established a very good relationship with her and she probably appreciates being in your service unconventional as it may be as opposed to serving some stuck up highborn Lady. That said, Andere is looking even more red than her own hair and is muttering almost incomprehensibly, stumbling over her own words at the awkwardness of walking into you nude and sharing your bed with another woman, no less. Predictably, the whole situation is amusing and hilarious to you but still, you figure you should try calming her down so she can help you get ready for today's events.

"Look, it’s just me and another girl without clothes. How many times haven't you've seen me like this, anyway?"

"It's not you, my Lady, it's..."

"Her?" you interrupt. "She's not even awake! And for fuck's sake, I'm not your Lady. Though I definitely wouldn't mind you calling me that for a while." you wink at her. 

Your comment makes her smile and she turns a different shade of red, but to her credit she quickly composes herself. You take note of her smile and make a mental note to discuss it further later, but for now you have to get ready right now if your father is already calling for you. It is not the best of ideas to keep him waiting.

"Look, let's just pretend this is an everyday morning and help me get ready, alright?"

She sighs "Alright my La... Josephine." She says with a smile.

You smile back and she immediately begins the process of dressing you up. She starts with padded overalls and trousers and quickly moves on to the armored plates. They are relatively light compared to the heavy armor the mounted knights of the Vale wear and they barely restrict your movement. You fight amongst the men on the ground, after all. Your family was always weary of your growing interest in the use of swords and the stories of great battles, which Maester Harrold was always happy to share with you. Despite your mother and sister attempting to mold you into the perfect lady in the end they simply gave up, coming to the conclusion that as a bastard you probably would never be married off to some lordling, and thus it meant little if you refused to learn the "arts" of being some scumbag's mistress.

Your father and other members of your House began teaching you the way of war and you actually became quite good at it, to the point that you were allowed to ride alongside them whenever the Lords Paramount of the Riverlands, the Tullys, rallied their bannermen or whenever your lands and allies needed defending like they do today. Still, leading men wasn't easy for you at the beginning. Most of the men initially didn't respect you due to you being both a bastard and especially a woman. You had to bash more than one skull in and smack down more than one insubordinate soldier, but after a couple of skirmishes and brawls, the men came to acknowledge you as their leader, and even to respect you eventually. In fact, you being a bastard and not really a highborn probably helped in the end since they saw you as "one of their own". 

You are so caught in your thoughts you don't even realize that Andere has all but finished putting your armor on. Finally, she throws the traditional garment of every Purell over your shoulder; a small cloak made of the hide of the first shark you ever killed with your own hands, perfectly representing both the Purell sigil, a grey shark over a black and blue background and also the ancient tradition of shark hunting which has been carried out by your house since its inception. Clad in your House's colors, you grab your longsword from its resting place and make your way out of the tent.

Outside the drums continue to sound and the entire war camp is in constant movement as men run around grabbing their weapons and some of them mounting their horses. Right across from yours is the War Tent, were your father and his closest allies and advisors are no doubt conferring and discussing the plans for today. To your left, you can see the outskirts of Saltcrest, the seat of House Bryant. It is not a pretty sight. Many houses and ships are on fire and several ironborn ships now rest at the ports. 

The ironborn have been a constant pain in the ass for the entire region of the Riverlands, particularly to Houses like yours due to your close proximity to Ironman's Bay. Some could say that you are at war, though there's never been an official declaration and both the usually small Houses that border on ironborn territory and the Houses of the Iron Islands know that neither have enough men and resources to lead a full scale invasion into the other's lands, so the ironborn instead raid the smaller towns in the coast under your rule and sometimes engage your small fleets in sea-based skirmishes, from which they always come out victorious due to both their superior ships and sailing abilities. Thankfully, ironborn raids are often short lived due to the small numbers of men in their raiding parties and the superior equipment and discipline of the Rivermen.

Slicking your dirty blonde hair back, you enter the war tent quietly in an attempt not to disturb your father's profanity-ridden rant which if you didn't know any better, you'd swear even the ironborn outside could hear. Actually, as a matter of fact, he's ranting about you.

"- and where in Seven Hells is my daughter?! Fucking around with some tavern wench, no doubt, when I need her HERE!"

"Close. Stone mason's daughter." you say with a grin as you join the men discussing around the table. Your comment causes a fair amount of laughs among the men and a knowing smile from your brother Dan. However Eddard, the youngest one, isn't as amused and gives you a disapproving stare. Your own father sighs and finally continues.

"Well, now that "Lady" Rivers is here, we can finally get on with this." 


New draft for my storygame on 7/17/2017 4:25:41 PM

Thanks for taking your time to read trough it and sharing your thoughts, they are much appreciated. I'll try to answer your observations to the best of my ability. Firstly, regarding the War Council.

  1. I was actually on the spot about capitalizing their name as, like you, I read some of the books quite some time ago but most sources I found had them as "ironborn", without capitalization. Regardless, I'll try to find out for sure.
  2. Most noble houses from the Riverlands, the Purells included believe in the Faith of the Seven which holds the belief in the existence of seven heavens and seven hells.
  3. I'm only using the basic editor. I'm aware this will result in an absurd number of pages in order to keep track of choices, but I really don't mind.
  4. Indeed, the "War Council" page is completely optional and has no further choices other than returning to the original page, which itself is the opening page of the entire storygame. I'll definitely share it in a while. As such, the absence of dialog is intentional since I see this scene as taking place within the thoughts of the protagonist, recalling what she remembers from the houses and people that are present in the room. The actual discussion/plan of attack between the war council takes place in another page.
  5. I assume you refer to Ser Ronwald, who isn't a Lord but a simple sworn knight in service to the Purells. He didn't command an entire army's cavalry, but rather a section of the Purell's cavalry. It isn't uncommon, as far as I know, for Lords to reward able and courageous warriors with a knighthood within the universe of ASOIAF/GoT. Ronwald has no real power, instead being comparative to an officer within the Purell hierarchy; the common foot soldiers must answer to him but in turn he answers to the members of the family.

Now, for the Nightfall page.

  1. I totally failed to explain the context of this situation in this page, since it is better exposed in the previous one. I'll make an effort to make the circumstances clearer in this page. In short, ironborn have landed on the outskirts of Saltcrest (i.e the part that is not walled) and are terrorizing the populace. They threaten with laying siege to the actual Saltcrest (walled) and moving in deeper within the lands. Bryants call the Purells, whom they hold fealty to. The Purells then call on their other vassals and allies and march to Saltcrest to repel the invaders.
  2. To my knowledge, all families from the Iron Islands believe in the Drowned God, whose great halls are allegedly located under the seas. therefore, I think the expression of "sending them to the bottom of the ocean" would be mostly used in a non-literal way, akin to "sending them to meet their God" or "Sending them to Hell".
  3. Hmm, I agree that the use of cavalry seems a tad bit unnecessary and perhaps forced. I'll see what I can come u with to justify their presence there.
  4. Yes, the massive guy swinging at you is absolutely followed up with a choice on how to respond, being the first combat scene in the storygame. Combat will be choice based with small pages describing the effects of your choice and how your opponent(s) respond. I plan to include several different courses of action for the player to take which will in turn result in different outcomes at the end of the duels. Some choices offered may be smart and logical, while others may not be quite... thoughtful. Regardless, even after mistakes are made there will be options to recover and turn the tide. Continuous small mistakes or a very large one will end in death.
  5. The odds are definitely on the Rivermen's favor, as they mostly are when facing ironborn raids. That said, the attack plan assumed that the enemy would be caught napping and unaware, since careful steps were taken to ensure that the arrival of the additional forces would not tbe detected. However, as is explained the ironborn are already armed and armored; not what the Rivermen expected. So while the ironborn weren't expecting such a force to attack them suddenly, they are already ready for battle which could complicate things. Additionally, even a victory against the ironborn could bring unexpected consequences ;)
  6. Josephine is indeed quite talkative and charimastic, with a rather wild personality to boot. I'm trying my best to make her a likeable character while still allowing the player to feel in control of her.

So yeah, again thanks for your insight and I'll make sure to take your comments in account for fixing some stuff here and there. Cheers.