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One Shot at a Time

This is a long story about a young boys journey to the NBA. But every journey has its obstacles are you ready to hurdle these obstacles or duck and avoid them.

This story is pretty long and is kind of sad at moments, Its also possible to lose (just like in real life)

Roses are Red

This is a love tragedy very sad and horrid um its really romantic you are playing as Jake the main character, and this is my first published story so please comment what i should do better.

Specimen 14

The Jixmen Institute

The Swarm!

In this game you will play as a soldier in a war against bugs.  Swarms of bugs. Your mission is to cleanse the house from bugs while at the same time rising the ranks of the army. But be warned these bugs are not here to play around

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June Review Contest on 6/2/2019 6:43:50 PM

Might as well join here is are my reviews...

archangel 5/8 ---- 3 points

buried 5/8 ---- 3 points

overthrown~3-the-makings-of-a-god 5/8 ----- 3 points

Contest Idea on 5/30/2019 9:28:40 AM

Thanks, i would respond back but the one thing I have learned from reading forums is that Admins have all power.

Contest Idea on 5/30/2019 9:26:30 AM

It would stress full for me to pump out because when I right I take my sweet time believe me.

Contest Idea on 5/29/2019 8:35:12 PM

I think its a cool idea besides the 48 hours part that is a lot of stress and pressure and I don't know how you would keep track of the time. I think 72 hours is cool if you can manage the time the people use to write there CYOA. I would participate and I'm willing to participate in any contest or writing challenge you got.

Memorial Day? on 5/28/2019 10:56:01 PM


The DUEL Stories - May 2019 on 5/28/2019 10:55:09 PM

#1 H

#2 J

#3 E

Memorial Day? on 5/28/2019 9:59:04 AM

So my memorial day is great!!

Memorial Day? on 5/28/2019 9:58:45 AM

I played pick up ball at the local YMCA till 12 and I somehow felll from 10 ft in the air on my back and got a muscle sore in my back which won't allow me to do certain physical stuff.

What kind of god would you be? on 5/21/2019 8:34:03 PM

I have a name :C.

What kind of god would you be? on 5/21/2019 7:44:48 PM

it is what it is.