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I'm Doodler. There's not much to be said, besides I like to write about my favorite things, and I enjoy having fun with everything I write! Heads up for anybody wondering when I would go into contests and reply to your comments, I'll do so VIA private comments because I need a separate device to do anything forum related, so that's why you don't see my on forums too much. - Feb 28, 2017

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Paper emerges with real life and technology, following an author that tries to rewrite the characters and their environment.

Luigi's Mansion: and the Baleful Boo

After the events of the first two Luigi's Mansion games, Luigi finds out that the King Boo stole his Poltergust 5000, and that his friend, Professor Elvin Gadd is on vacation and can't help him much, so Luigi with the help of his brother explore the mansion once again.

Pencil Wars

It's a grand war between Origami and Electronics! Who side will be on? Will you stab your pencil into IPhone's Headphone Jack... or will you tape the sd cards down to the wood? Do you lasso your earphones around the Origami, or spread the virus? Try to defeat your opponent, in this story based adventure!

Pokemon: Galactic

Travel to a new region that people like you had just recently been in before.


The future shall not interfere to that we call the past, the time no one wants to remember. The blood, the gore, the controversies, that is what our past was, but without all of that, we wouldn't been able to fix the mistakes we've made to make everyone's lives perfect now.

The Doodlers: Designing the Battlefield
You are no warrior in this CYOA. Actually, your the Co-Programmer, and the technology that you use is advanced at the point where the characters your trying to script are alive, as a hologram. It's time to shake things up a little, since you want to make an exciting battle for your character.

The Final Number

What is the final number that our universe is yet to see? The real question is, what will be the final number? Let's just say, 7 8 9, and that's not the only number 7 has an appetite 4.

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The Blue Blur: Sneak Peak by Doodler on 3/7/2017 7:19:52 PM
Ver. 4 This is a Sonic the Hedgehog Fan-Fiction made by Doodler Sonic and Tails dashed among the clean looking grass, flowers, and palm trees of the Green Hills. "Does Eggman ever thinks of new ideas? I mean, all he does is robotizize everyone." Tails the Fox asked while the wind blew back against them, trying to push them back. His bright, yellow fur blew the opposite direction while he caught up with Sonic. "I mind that," Sonic spiky, blue hair waved in the air, then he glared down at his sneakers, to see if the golden buckle on top of the red and white stripes got dirty. "Really, I seem bored with him sometimes." Tails tried to keep up with Sonic's incredible speed, and almost knocked him down in the process. "I'm not complaining. Eggman always amuses me how stupid his plans can be - he's an easy guy to deal with." Sonic's arms opened wide, and the wind blew harder. They started to gain acceleration and dashed faster. "Look! There's a Caterkiller!" Tails shouted out, and his two tails started to shake. Sonic stopped immediately, and Tails gripped on the rocks and soil. The Caterkiller glared at Tails with red eyes, and its purple spraypaint looked pale and had dents in it. It hissed slowly, and it slithered underneath the grass, showing its sharp spikes at its back. It was going towards Sonic and his sidekick. Sonic curled up into a furball and charged some energy, which almost shocked Tails. Sonic roared like an engine and generated enough static electricity to push him into the Caterkiller. It blasted into pieces, with parts of the spikes drilling into the ground and metal got splashed into a nearby river. "Is he using plastic? These robots are pretty easy to destroy," Tails asked out of curiosity. "I don't know Tails," Sonic waited for a surprise entrance from Eggman, his arch-enemy. Tails thought to himself how Sonic easily destroyed Eggman's minions. Sonic and Tails continued on their jog, feeling relaxed and happy. "Mmm, do you like it out here Sonic?" "There's nothing bad about it. I love it actually. It's better than working in a gym!" They came across a row of moterbugs. The robots were designed after ladybugs, but couldn't fly. "Tails, how about you show me what YOU can do." Sonic wanted his friend to experience fighting off the robots. "Here, run in place." Tails did as told, then his tails started to spin like a propeller, and all the grass that surrounded Tails started to pick up like a tornado. "Wow!" Tails flew up into the air and picked up the spinning moterbugs. Bundles of moterbugs were shattered into pieces and small parts, small enough to think of them as shards of crystal. The pieces were covered with smoke and dust and thrown far into the clouds. Sonic gave a thumbs up. Sonic saw small animals rapidly run in front of Sonic and Tails. "What's - look out!" Sonic said abruptly. Tails flew into the air and tried to avoid contact with the colossal robot. Sonic picked up some steam to figure out what was happening. It was a giant chicken robot with homing missiles and egg bombs, who crept up behind them "What the heck is that monstrosity, Robotnik!?" yelled Sonic. "I feel so illuminated, the only time I want you to to call me by my ridiculous nickname, and it ruins the punchline, why else do you think I made this chicken?" Eggman paused from controlling the robot from the inside and pouted. Sonic shrugged. "Anyways, like any villain would do, I will take over Mobius and improve upon my robots!" Eggman laughed diabolically and plucked his bushy mustache. "You'll never be able to, you have the I.Q of an egg!" Sonic laughed. "I hate your puns." There was a silence. "Umm, I'll shoot these homing missiles at you now!" Eggman pushed the button. "Sorry, but didn't need the headstart, and plus, show, don't tell." Sonic started to run fast, and go towards the robot chicken. Many oval shaped missiles were shot out from its massive hand and targeted him. "Are you really that bad at being bad - oh my god - TAILS!" Sonic tried to warn Tails, but he was too high in the clouds to hear. "Thank you for the advice." Eggman grinned and concentrated on Sonic. Sonic didn't know what to do, and didn't know why Tails was up there. Sonic looked all around, and breathed heavily. Sonic looked around and saw a spring nearby. Sonic dodged all the egg clone robots that dropped out of the back of the robot, and targeted onto the spring. "Tails, I'll save you!" Eggman's smile gave Sonic horror in his eyes. *** All characters and themes are property from SEGA. Edits: What Minnieking suggested. Minor spelling and grammar edits.

The Blue Blur Update on 3/6/2017 4:40:46 PM
This part has been deleted along with 74 other pages I had written for the Blue Blur.

The Blue Blur: Sneak Peak by Doodler on 3/5/2017 10:46:31 PM
Heh....deleted 74 pages of work I had.

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That's fine. Just no dark chocolate.

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Yay! I love chocolate. Which kind?

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Can I have one?

The Blue Blur: Sneak Peak by Doodler on 3/5/2017 12:12:44 AM
I'm going to rewrite the middle and end so it'll be more faithful to the games.