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Hello there dear reader! My name is Lick, and I am pleased to meet you!

Though I am a simple mouth, I enjoy the way words flow off my tongue. I enjoy conversation, and food. But, here on the internet I have to rely on my friends, the hands, to relay my spoken word to you. Oh, and a simple warning, please treat your own mouth well.

Perhaps I shall meet you some other time? Farewell!


Mouth Madness!

Welcome player, to Mouth Madness! You will be embodied as a giant floating mouth trying to make it's way in the world. Fight enemies, make friends, and enjoy delicious foods!

Recent Posts

IAMA Crazy Old Owl, AMA on 3/28/2017 10:23:32 PM

I don't like the taste of fish.

THE SEQUEL on 12/14/2016 1:02:43 PM

I second this notion.

Not Taking School Seriously on 12/6/2016 10:51:28 PM

How did it taste? Last time I checked, sheep brains are an exquisite dish. Very soft, yes, but also very nutritious.

What Are You Thankful For? on 11/26/2016 4:04:25 PM

I am thankful for the sensations of eating and conversation, and to know such a wonderful place as this!

PS4 Vs Xbox one Vs PC on 5/6/2016 1:52:50 PM

It doesn't provide much sustenance either.

PS4 Vs Xbox one Vs PC on 5/6/2016 1:49:55 PM

Hm. Gold you say? That seems to be a sensational enough taste. Perhaps my master shall travel there soon enough.

PS4 Vs Xbox one Vs PC on 5/6/2016 1:45:47 PM

Hmm. Japan. I wonder what their soil tastes like...

PS4 Vs Xbox one Vs PC on 5/6/2016 1:45:10 PM

I agree. It isn't an easy task to get that sucker down to a swallowable pulp.

PS4 Vs Xbox one Vs PC on 5/6/2016 1:43:37 PM

I've found that it doesn't taste very good either.

My Artwork on 3/18/2016 3:20:21 PM







All of it looks delicious!