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NOTICE: I'm not currently able to proofread for anyone. Just make a thread in the Writing Workshop and someone will usually volunteer to look over your story. I try to read all WW threads anyhow, I just am not going to make any promises because I fear commitment! Also, Agent of Order, Inseperable, and Silver Horn, Silver Hooves are currently the only of my stories I'd recommend anyone bother with, unless you're just out to harvest points. All the others are joke games or rushed for this or that deadline and hell I can't even remember anymore which are still up or why.

The rest of this profile has been SCRUBBED!!! I am now one step closer to actually rewriting it. Avatar art by the amazing MHD.

(Cricket and triskelion also by the amazing MHD)

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A Stack of Cats
You are a man on a mission. The cats, they must be stacked.

A puzzling math and logic game I made just to put some of the scripting practice I've been doing to use. Have fun and please let me know if you encounter any bugs.

Should be solvable by middle schoolers, or those with same basic level of intelligence as a middle schooler.

Agent of Order
Orbiting a barren planetoid in a system full of nothing just past the edge of the frontier, The Last Outpost is just another refueling station. Strategically important, true, but on a routine stop you never expected to spend longer than a couple hours there, let alone a couple of days fighting for your life...

There are five epilogues, but some may be difficult to discover. Note that actions have consequences, but not always immediate ones. (And if you just need an End Game link, go play around with the probe.)

Facts About the Planet and the Solar System
A compilation of some little known facts about the solar system, as well as the debunking of a few myths.

In addition to the scientific explanations, there's a small story dramatizing it all.

Hopefully young readers will find this fun as well as educational. :)

(Might not be the greatest story ever written, but consider this: it got me 200 points.)

Featured Story Inseparable
It doesn't matter what they say...

Love is for the Birds
...and the squirrels. Sort of.

Written in six hours, for no other reason than to avoid consignment to the SHAME pit after my other Romance contest entry didn't want to cooperate.

Now You Gotta Deal With This S***

A tale told in verse. A text from your sister requesting a pick up from a party leads to a night of strangeness.

Inspired by Bucky's ballad contest. Though...I wouldn't call this a ballad. I'm not sure what I'd call it, actually, other than exceedingly stupid, and fun to write.

(Don't pay any attention to the scores, they're just for me to track which endings reviewers get.)

Read My Stories or Die!



Silver Horn, Silver Hooves
When the weather is fine, you've been coming to this grove to drink from the pool for centuries now. Today, you meet a stranger and hear a story that changes all that...

A fairy tale adventure.

[AUTHOR'S NOTE: There's a heavily scripted scene that due to time constraints I didn't have the opportunity to thoroughly test. You'll know it when you see it. In addition to a save game link beforehand, I've provided the option to skip it altogether should you encounter problems. A PM describing those problems would also be greatly appreciated as I'll be revisiting this game once the crushing weight of December has passed.]

Articles Written

A List of Storygames for People Who Like to Read
A list of storygames with substantial effort put in, all written in the last couple of years and sorely in need of ratings and reviews.

CYS Forum Advice and Etiquette
A modernized guide to the forums. The path to internet popularity and happiness, and a few CYS specific do's and don'ts.

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Hi, Categories? on 4/8/2020 7:39:29 PM
Really I don't think it matters too much, there are a lot of stories here that blur the lines between multiple genres. I will say though that the Horror category is one of the weaker ones here and could use some new additions. For other random advice, I'd recommend turning off the Rich Text Editor in your profile. (You'll need to log out and then in again for the change to take effect.) It's what's causing the large spaces between paragraphs in your story, and there are some glitches with it that can trip you up if you intend to use scripting or include images. If you're on a PC, you may also want to get the site extension for Firefox or Chrome. Links to the newest versions are in Brad's profile. It lets you enable dark mode and some other features from your profile as well as generally giving the site a facelift. And just whatever you do write, please make sure it's proofread, complete, and polished before publishing it. The two biggest noob mistakes are either getting in over their heads trying to write some epic and then burning out and giving up, or in trying to just push a rushed, sloppy story out the door without giving it the attention it needs. Readers have high standards here and critical, sometimes brutal feedback is encouraged, and of course it helps anywhere to make a good first impression. I'd encourage you to spend some time reading some of the featured stories on the main storygames page in fact, just to see what the editor is capable of and the quality people are looking for. Oh right, and welcome! (I was a little unsure what to make of that profile pic but your story seems okay... >.>)

Hatter's Sketchbook on 4/8/2020 5:12:55 PM
It's like that episode of Batman: TAS where he takes off the mask and just has another mask underneath.

Days on 4/8/2020 5:01:48 PM
First, go to Storygame Properties > Editor Features make sure you have Variables and Scripting set to Advanced. Then you can create a variable called something like %DAY, and another called %ACTION. Every time the player clicks a choice you want to count as an action, raise %ACTION by 1 in the link script. %ACTION := %ACTION + 1 Then you'll make a global link script with something like: IF %ACTION = 5 THEN %DAY := %DAY + 1 (You'll also want to reset %ACTION to zero somewhere in here so it can start the count over again.) And then have whatever you want %DAY to affect check for it whenever. That can be a global script too meaning it will check every time the player clicks a link, or you can put it somewhere specific in the game. If you want %DAY to move the player to a specific page to end the game or whatever once it gets high enough, you need to use a system task called $DEST. IF %DAY = 7 $DEST := @P28 Or whatever the page ID number is. If you're using chapters for organization this is how you jump back and forth between them as well. Also, just as general advice I'd recommend turning the Rich Text Editor off in your profile. (You'll need to log out and then in again for it to take effect.) You'll be able to see then it's adding a lot of unnecessary HTML tags and gibberish characters to your text to emulate "fancy" versions of apostrophes and quotations and the like. Sometimes this can interfere with scripting, and there are other glitches such as eating images you try to include. Most people writing storygames turn it off and just use plain text with HTML as needed for things like bold and italics. You may also want to get the site extension for Firefox or Chrome in Brad's profile, this will let you turn on dark mode and some other features as well as just generally giving the site a facelift.

Hello on 4/8/2020 2:18:42 AM
I wouldn't call that one short, it's literally novel length word count. Actually not much of a fan of that one though, it's Steve's sloppiest work.

Hatter's Sketchbook on 4/7/2020 11:48:12 PM
He's brushing its shell! WHY DOES THIS MAKE ME SO HAPPY??? :D

hello. i just posted my first storygame on 4/7/2020 7:29:49 PM
That rhymed.

Zake's Zany Zine on 4/7/2020 6:53:56 PM
It's very nicely formatted actually, like most of Zake's posts. Something other newsletters could emulate.

The END TIMES - Pandemic Edition! on 4/7/2020 11:45:14 AM
Quinn the Barbarian story actually sounds like a lot of fun, I'm sorry I missed that one.

CYS History (Sorta) on 4/7/2020 9:57:03 AM
You must have been in a really good mood this morning, to humor this impertinent noob.

Zake's Zany Zine on 4/6/2020 11:26:41 PM
*pity post*