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Ever feel like you're less than you should be?

Ever feel like you're always doing something wrong?

You know what it's like to be constantly unsatisfied with yourself?

Do you know the burdens of inadequacy, puniness, doubt?

You know the feeling of looking into a mirror and seeing an emptied shell instead of a person?

Do you know what it's like to feel worthless?

Well, I don't; nor will I ever.







Name: See above.

Nicknames: t-count, Lokison, Count Fenrir, Fenris, Boss, Coolest guy on the site

Unofficial Ranking ('cuz I still want one): The Reader Damned

Age: As old as I am young.

Date of Birth: Soon. Be prepared.

Sex: Anytime, babe.

Birthplace: Destroyed. Long story.

Location: Solitary Confinement. Even longer story.

Occupation: CEO of T-Count HQ; Developing Slavemaster; Professional Killer; Aspiring Writer

IQ: 130. (No really, I just don't use its full capability often.)

Credentials: My own oversized ego.

Current Status: Catching up on writing-related goals.




Short Term Goals:

Finish "Lost in a City" by the end of January.

Earn bragging rights over Turkey.

Finish overdue writing prompts.

Learn how to stop maikng so mnay danmed tyops.

Have up to 100 pts by the end of January.






"I'm not always right, but I'm never wrong."


"I was never trying to be an ass... I mean, I don't have to if it just comes naturally."


"The gloom fills my entire being. 
My soul burns with satisfaction. 
The gristly powers of my overlord trickle unto me. 
I have made the right decision. 
My world revolves around you, Master. 
I shall do your bidding. 
I shall bring on destruction at the wave of your hand. 
I will be the instrument of your internal darkness. 
I am your puppet, do with me as you will. 
I am a servant, eager to fulfill your commands. 
I am the clay of forbidden power, and I await to be molded by your sinister hands. 
You hold the strings of my life in your grasp, temporaryaccount."

-- Zag (and soon to be many others)


"I didn't know there was such a thing as lighthearted edginess, but here I am, circumcision razors jammed clear through my body..."

-- ISentinelPenguinI




Slave List:

ZagHero - Senior Slave

Recruit Date: 11/25/16

Promotion: 1/9/17

Matthias - Shit Slave

Recruit Date: 1/9/17

Promotion: 1/21/17

SonicTurboTurtle - Recruit Slave

Recruit Date: 1/9/17

(Probably got banned. Can't enslave a banned soul.)

(PM if you wish to join this admirable allegiance.)




(And yes, I was the one responsible for all the celeb deaths of 2016. Deal with it.)

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Plellollellogram on 1/20/2017 8:17:18 PM
I'm all about Dora the Explorer btw. I'll let her explore me anytime.
Plellollellogram on 1/20/2017 8:13:54 PM
Why? Because they're not anti-LGBT enough for you, you racist git?
Plellollellogram on 1/20/2017 8:10:05 PM
Racist and homophobic. Tsk tsk tsk. Also, you seem to have quite an interest in shows targeted towards toddlers and young kids hahalol.
Bullshit on 1/20/2017 8:08:24 PM
The thread was actually more lively than I expected it to be (I initially just meant for it to be a rant), so I'll bother posing a few questions: What mechanics of RPS do you to be the strangest/ most advantageous/ most crippling/ most interesting? Any favorite choices out there?
90% Justified on 1/20/2017 8:04:39 PM
True. But who uses scissors, anyways, amirite?
90% Justified on 1/20/2017 6:17:05 PM
Still salty, but of course, you manage to bring up good points all around. Still, most of this is rather subjective, if not forced. I could say that Devil commands Dragon because he is the Dragon or use that same fact to justify just the opposite. Also, have you used certain brands of scissors? They can be real shit, even for cutting paper. Axes, often battle-ready, are more likely to be sharp. And honestly a kid with safety scissors in his pudgy little hands isn't gonna be able to reach past a wielded axe. But I know there's a thread somewhere about how all of these are supposed to work and how they became part of CYS legend. The sponge thing is just damn stupid, though. Sponge looks like moon. Moon looks like sponge. Would Moon win because it's bigger, brighter, has its own gravity? Or sponge because screw logic or some contrived Spongebob joke?
Bullshit on 1/20/2017 4:51:30 PM
Just lost a duel. Fire vs. Gun Fire can melt the metal gun. Fire can be used to start an ignition of a gun (old-fashioned anyways like a flint) and thus should have superiority over the gun. Fire can burn the gunholder. Yet gun beats fire because "gun fires?" Because of some goddamn shitty wordplay, I lost five very valuable points. And it gets worse. "Air evaporates water." No, that's heat. Air can't do that. "Dragon commands devil." What sense is this? "Dynamite smoke blots out sun." What? God damn, that's stupid. "Fire beats moon because of campfire by moonlight." How does this indicate superiority? "Lightning defuses nuke." Not sensibly. "Scissors sharper than axe." Dafu-? "Women subdues dragon." "Wolf outruns dynamite." "Sponge looks like moon." "Tree imprisons devil." RPS is so full of shit.
Inauguration Day on 1/20/2017 4:39:07 PM
Yeah, because there's certainly no set of limits as to when the President can and can't attack. Maybe I should become President to get some of these insta-nuke rights you speak of.
Awakening (Continuing Story) on 1/20/2017 2:30:29 PM
Not lazy. Just looking for armadillo food. And armadillos. They ran away. I'm going through a grieving stage. Why you gotta be so damn insensitive?
Inauguration Day on 1/20/2017 2:23:11 PM
Sound the Trump-ets.