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one year ago

Hi,apparently I'm a princess from another dimension that has no idea how this works some tips would be niceeeeee


one year ago
Are you opening this site from Windows? Mac? Android? iOS? Linux?

E:Title to fit in with the theme

booN ----------->

one year ago
What are you trying to do exactly? I'd recommend spending a little time checking out the top rated stories or browsing the forums to get a feel for the place before wiring too much about putting out a storygame of your own. Rushed games tend to do badly.

-----------> Bomb

one year ago
First, you must find wetsuits small enough to fit snuggly on each of the chimpanzees. Then wrap the pliars in bacon. You know what to do from there. Good luck!

<----- oNbo ------>

one year ago

Hello and welcome to the valorous kingdom of CYS!

I recommend reading Will's How Not To Write and The Land of Bad Writing since they may help you with any future storygames you may write. In addition, here’s a story that is a good example of what not to do. Moral of the story: listen to constructive criticism.

I also recommend taking a surf through all the articles in the Help & Info section, two in particular being a helpful list made by StrykerL and an excellent article on proper forum posting, if you haven’t seen it yet that is. One resource in particular worth mentioning is a very good resource for designing a storygame.

Among the things you're more than welcome to participate in:

writing prompts

a contest

a collaborative story setting

poetry prompts.

I wish you luck in any creative writing endeavors you embark on! There's also a ton of good content on this website, so I hope you find the time to read any of the featured storygames.

And remember: above all else, live your life off the wall!

...Oh, there’s also this.

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one year ago
Welcome to the site. I do hope you enjoy your stay here.