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The Red Rising Trilogy

one year ago

I got this series for my birthday, looked at them for a few seconds, then ignored their existence for the next week or so. Last Tuesday I finally got to finishing the first book, and I must say; I was thoroughly impressed by it. So impressed that I found myself finishing the series over the course of the next two days. Still, I find myself astounded. I really enjoyed the series, and I finally found a main character that I actually really liked. (Meaning a main character from the realm of recent fiction) 

It completely destroys Hunger games, and pretty much any series that has recently gone famous. In my opinion, of course. I highly recommend this book series, and well if any of you want to discuss it with me, then let's do so. Aside from that, hopefully this will help in the revival of the reading corner.

And now I'll go back to trying to comprehend how I'm supposed to write better than all of these famous authors...


The Red Rising Trilogy

one year ago wiki for the first book provides synops/plot for anyone interested.

Looks like a great series - will put it on my big list of things to read.