What Game Is Right For You?

by Fleshnblood_78

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Finding the right game to play can be tricky. Many people forget that they are more used to playing video games rather than reading. However, once you find the right game to play you feel satisfied. Whether you like Fantasy, Modern Adventure, or even School Adventures there are games here for your pleasure. Many features have been added for your convenience. These features will help you on so many levels to determine what is best for you. Every bit of data is brought together for you, from length, category, and even difficulty. All these features will bring you to your final destination... the best game you have ever played. From here, let us look at these features one by one so that you can determine which features are best for you.

Let's start with the easiest to figure out. Length is detailed on the front page of a game. It ranks from 1-8. Games rated 8 mean they are extremely long. They will keep you busy for a very long time. Most games are around the 4-6 range. These games can be played anywhere from 5-30 minutes per game. This is a good place to look first. If you are ready for bed or need to go then you should look first to see if you have the time to enjoy it. You will be asked to rate it and comment on it once you finish it. Therefore, the author would appreciate it if you took the time to play his/her game. However, please remember that length is not what makes a good game. You need to consider some other features and data before picking a game.

Category is another area you need to think about. Each category is different from the others. You like Lord Of The Rings? You should look at Fantasy first. Star Wars your favorite movie? Look at Science Fiction. Don't go looking for a modern war game in the Edutainment category. We have tried to give you as many categories to chose from. You will definately find the story for you within the confines of our categories.

The difficulty of a game is very important. This is also rated with a 1-8 rating. An 8 is a very difficult game to get through. If you like a challenge then look for the difficulty rating on the front page in the same place as the length rating. Most people are not going to make a game with a rating higher than a 5-6 however. Difficulty, while important, is not what makes a good game.

The game rating is also an important feature you might want to check out. While not fine tuned just yet, it can give you a semi-clue as to how good a story is. This rating system is also on a 1-8 scale. Few games are able to stay at the 8 rating. Check out the rating to get an idea of what others have rated it.

When you click on the game title it will give you the option to look at comments. These comments are from people who have played that game previously. Again, being opinions of others, it isn't the only place you should look to determine how good a story is. Coincidently, once you finish a game you will be given the option of leaving your own comments. We ask that you talk about what you liked and disliked about it. We also encourage you to put possitive feedback for the author.

On the front page of MAG you will see a list of TOP GAMES. These are considered, by the makers of the site, to be the best of the best. While not everyone agrees with their choices, they are pretty solid people to trust in. They bat around 90% with me lol. Along with the front page TOP GAMES list, on the games page you can see a list of 5-6 games per category that are listed. These are considered to be the best of the best for their particular category. March05th is the one in charge of making that decision. Let him know what you think.

Now, once you have checked those places you can get real daring and click on the Random Game link. This will randomly pick a game that is located somewhere on the site. These games, while not being one you picked, should give you some entertainment for a few minutes. Another option is the Search Game link. Here you can type in key words that might be in a game. From there you can pick a game that is on that list.

And now, the best place to look for the game that you want to play the most is located.... in Your Head!!! You can make your own game to your own liking whenever you like. You only have to click on Create New game and let the creative juices flow. You won't always like what you see, but you will eventually get the hang of making a great game for everyone to play. Try it out for yourself and see what happens. You will be rewarded in more ways than 1 if you just give it a try. If you are feeling timid you can always PM someone on the site or post on the forums for help. Feel free to do so.

Good luck to you all.