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After The "Happy" Part

A twisted romantic(if you'd like to think of it that way)/horror story.


The loveless man weeps, seeking out his one and only true love. No matter the cost.

He will most defiantly kill, break, and forever change, anyone who stands in his way.

She cries out, "save me!" as she turns to you. The reader.

Be her savior, or killer, lead her through this changes, to happiness, or her death.

Be careful, every choice you make leads her to her fate.

Whether good or bad, click and see.



Most of the stories are short, but there are many.

I am not the best writer, I know.

Please tell me if there is (if there is any) spelling/punctuation errors. Stuff like that bugs the crap outta me.

Don't ask me questions about this, it's suppose to leave you asking questions.

It's not the most descriptive story, it's not suppose to be, and give me a break, it's my first story game.

Half the time someone will end up insane, so if a character does a strange thing, they're most likely insane.

Enjoy please, I almost gave up on this, so hearing you like it means so much to me.

Blackwood Chronicles
A spooky, vintage story written for my English class. It took one month. I never hoped so hard.

v. 2.0

99.01% finished

Murder at the Blackwood Mansion
Six suspicious persons gather at the Blackwood Mansion. One dies, another is bound for prison. But . . .who dunnit?

Sort the Court
Rise up as a leader of a small kingdom. Answer a series of Yes/No questions and turn your village into a city. Based on the game of the same name by Graeme Borland.

The Realm of the Mad King
I will tell you of my adventure to a world unlike and perfectly similar to ours.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! ^_^ strawberry pudding for all!

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If that was true, you'd be dead by now, Monsieur Tinfoil Hat. :P

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Complaint Thread on 11/7/2017 4:58:11 PM
I'm tired of people thinking I'll do commissions for free. Like this one guy wanted a tattoo design but totally bailed as soon as I mentioned I wanted to get paid for it. >.< Also, no, I'm not going to draw you something 'in my freetime', aargh. Was this worthy of a complaint? I dunno. Artists aren't footrugs, dangit.

Inktober/Goretober on 10/2/2017 4:42:18 PM

Ooh, me, me! ^^

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