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Avatar and other art by the amazing MadHattersDaughter unless otherwise noted. Hi. If you're browsing with a PC, you should get the Chrome or Firefox site extension made by BradinDvorak. It lets you set dark mode from your profile and improves formatting for a better reading experience along with various other improvements and an overall facelift for the site. NOTICE: I'm not currently able to proofread on request. Just make a thread in the Writing Workshop and someone will usually volunteer to look over your story. I try to read all WW threads anyhow, I just don't like to make promises because I fear commitment! Also, Agent of Order, Inseparable, and Silver Horn, Silver Hooves are currently the only of my stories I'd recommend anyone bother with, unless you're just out to harvest points. All the others are joke games or rushed for this or that deadline or prompt and hell I can't even remember anymore which are still up or why. But if you're looking for something short (very short) and sweet, do check out the entries in the Tiny 'Topia thread. The theme is dystopic and utopic storygames in 2250 words or less. If you're looking for just a random story that is good, check out: Nameless. (Will be updating this spot weekly monthly, whenever I remember to.) A nd the rest of this profile has been SCRUBBED!!! I am now one step closer to actually rewriting it. (CYS flag by Sentinel)

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Earning 100 Points Earning 500 Points Earning 1,000 Points Earning 2,000 Points Earning 5,000 Points Thorough and consistent writing workshop contributions / excellent commenting. Having 1 Storygame(s) Featured Posting 15068 Forum Posts Given by BerkaZerka on 11/10/2017 - Forum and Site Contributions Not Unnoticed Given by EndMaster on 11/30/2017 - It's everything you've always wanted! Given by JJJ-thebanisher on 08/14/2019 - For excellent writing, keeping the site together and generally being an excellent presence Given by Killa_Robot on 08/15/2019 - For being a net positive to the site, even while helping idiots Given by mizal on 08/15/2019 - MUHAHAHAHAHA! *strokes fluffy white cat* I always knew this day would come. Given by Will11 on 01/14/2018 - For Inseperable and your other great stories


You harvest in the Arena. Every machine needs a function, and that is yours. Written for the Tiny 'Topia challenge.

A Stack of Cats
You are a man on a mission. The cats, they must be stacked.

A puzzling math and logic game I made just to put some of the scripting practice I've been doing to use. Have fun and please let me know if you encounter any bugs.

Should be solvable by middle schoolers, or those with same basic level of intelligence as a middle schooler.

Agent of Order
Orbiting a barren planetoid in a system full of nothing just past the edge of the frontier, The Last Outpost is just another refueling station. Strategically important, true, but on a routine stop you never expected to spend longer than a couple hours there, let alone a couple of days fighting for your life...

There are five epilogues, but some may be difficult to discover. Note that actions have consequences, but not always immediate ones. (And if you just need an End Game link, go play around with the probe.)

Facts About the Planet and the Solar System
A compilation of some little known facts about the solar system, as well as the debunking of a few myths.

In addition to the scientific explanations, there's a small story dramatizing it all.

Hopefully young readers will find this fun as well as educational. :)

(Might not be the greatest story ever written, but consider this: it got me 200 points.)

Featured Story Inseparable
It doesn't matter what they say...

Love is for the Birds
...and the squirrels. Sort of.

Written in six hours, for no other reason than to avoid consignment to the SHAME pit after my other Romance contest entry didn't want to cooperate.

Now You Gotta Deal With This S***

A tale told in verse. A text from your sister requesting a pick up from a party leads to a night of strangeness.

Inspired by Bucky's ballad contest. Though...I wouldn't call this a ballad. I'm not sure what I'd call it, actually, other than exceedingly stupid, and fun to write.

(Don't pay any attention to the scores, they're just for me to track which endings reviewers get.)

Read My Stories or Die!



Silver Horn, Silver Hooves
When the weather is fine, you've been coming to this grove to drink from the pool for centuries now. Today, you meet a stranger and hear a story that changes all that...

A fairy tale adventure.

Articles Written

A List of Storygames for People Who Like to Read
A list of storygames with substantial effort put in, all written in the last couple of years and sorely in need of ratings and reviews.

CYS Forum Advice and Etiquette
A modernized guide to the forums. The path to internet popularity and happiness, and a few CYS specific do's and don'ts.

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You know you COULD be going around our site leaving constructive criticism instead....

The Shittest Story of all Time! on 10/19/2020 5:09:50 PM
I can get it without the watermark, I have an account there. You want the first one, or the evil slutty version?

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The first feels more immediate and interesting but nfi why. This seems like a job for @Gower, Super Prof.

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Story Viewer Forcing Full Window on 10/18/2020 11:10:15 AM
Could it be some browser setting? I never was able to test this on my computer, but a lot of people use Firefox. When I read it's usually with the window maxed anyway though, Brad's extension fixes the formatting so that every paragraph isn't a skinny ass line dragging all the way across the screen.

Dark Elf Cunts on 10/17/2020 7:52:22 PM
I suggested a raped to death by monsters ending, but really I hope they're all like that. Except for the one where Francis just shows up out of the blue and stabs her in the kidney with a rusty spork.

The Shittest Story of all Time! on 10/17/2020 7:44:28 PM
How's this?

Or this?

I have an account on this site I was just fixing to cancel, what incredible timing. Who knew someone would have a use for the worst picture on there.

Dark Elf Cunts on 10/17/2020 7:31:24 PM
That's the main thing I'm looking forward to about it too, but why are we in this thread?

Interesting Comments 5 on 10/17/2020 9:55:18 AM
Hi confused, she's cancer.

How Do You Make Friends? on 10/17/2020 5:19:24 AM
Mine too!