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I should probably get around to replacing my old profile, but sagely wisdom is always wasted on you lot.

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Don't Get Date Raped!
A short, educational piece. Please remain sensitive and respectful in the comment section. (I'd hate to have to report you to an admin for bullying me.)

(DO NOT READ if you're at all easily offended or lacking in a sense of humor. There's nothing graphic at all in here, but seriously, I still cannot stress it enough, this story is not for you.)

WOWSERS! Triggers ahead!

Facts About the Planet and the Solar System
A compilation of some little known facts about the solar system, as well as the debunking of a few myths. In addition to the scientific explanations, there's a small story dramatizing it all. Hopefully young readers will find this fun as well as educational. :)

Featured Story Inseparable
It doesn't matter what they say...

Kirthia: Foundations
Kirthians are species with simple needs. (Humans of the future sometimes refer to them as 'stone aged hobbits who breed like rabbits and don't belong in space, damn them'.)

Early kirthians mostly just wanted to be well fed in a comfortable mud hut, and spread their offspring as far as possible across their world without too many coming to grief from the planet's many large and voracious predators.

Then, the Altora came from their tunnels of fire...

Now You Gotta Deal With This S***

A tale told in verse. A text from your sister requesting a pick up from a party leads to a night of strangeness.

Inspired by Bucky's ballad contest. Though...I wouldn't call this a ballad. I'm not sure what I'd call it, actually, other than exceedingly stupid, and fun to write.

(Don't pay any attention to the scores, they're just for me to track which endings reviewers get.)

Read My Stories or Die!



Silver Horn, Silver Hooves
When the weather is fine, you've been coming to this grove to drink from the pool for centuries now. Today, you meet a stranger and hear a story that changes all that...

A fairy tale adventure.

[AUTHOR'S NOTE: There's a heavily scripted scene that due to time constraints I didn't have the opportunity to thoroughly test. You'll know it when you see it. In addition to a save game link beforehand, I've provided the option to skip it altogether should you encounter problems. A PM describing those problems would also be greatly appreciated as I'll be revisiting this game once the crushing weight of December has passed.]

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CYS Forum Advice and Etiquette
A modernized guide to the forums. The path to internet popularity and happiness, and a few CYS specific do's and don'ts.

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Hi, I am new! on 1/23/2018 6:27:57 PM
It's called MSPaint and it's the only art program anyone ever needs.

Games are unpublishing themselves. on 1/23/2018 6:24:37 PM
The stories are like 1000 words each lol. And yes, scrapping them altogether is best. Even if you completely rewrote them and added a lot, they're marked with the original publishing date and the old ratings still stick.

Games are unpublishing themselves. on 1/23/2018 6:15:51 PM
A story with a rating below 2.50 or thereabouts will usually be unpublished. The reviews will usually give a good clue as to the reason for low ratings (in your case I know this to be so because I wrote comments on both of them.) Being incredibly short in addition to seeming rushed and not entirely proofread was and is usually a big factor in how a story is received.

Draw My Attention (Toxic Creativity) on 1/23/2018 3:58:11 PM
With just a small amount of description or plot it could be passable, but multiple people have pointed that out. He's done edits in the meantime and doesn't seem interested in improving that aspect. At this point starting over from scratch would make more sense than drastic edits anyhow, the damage to the ratings has already been done.

Ebon’s Romance Story Motivation Thread on 1/23/2018 12:19:43 PM
And meanwhile Digit seems to think he has a chance with some weeb harem thing. I'm laughing so hard, my ass is in danger of falling off, quite literally.

Ebon’s Romance Story Motivation Thread on 1/23/2018 12:01:20 PM
I don't know why people are suddenly pretending they're going to write something for this. No one ever enters these unofficial contests, let alone makes threads about it. You're being silly, Ebon. Endmaster, tell Ebon to stop being silly.

EndMaster’s Romance Story Contest on 1/23/2018 10:50:01 AM
Unfortunately I swore off contests this year.


I did give myself the entire month of January to piddle around and do whatever before I need to buckle down on my bigger projects. So I suppose if I can throw something together in a week I could still give it a go. Those points are tempting.

Draw My Attention (Toxic Creativity) on 1/23/2018 7:02:21 AM

This one got republished.

December Contest Results on 1/23/2018 5:48:38 AM
But I didn't get to finish. :( I did mean to review it...well, everyone's really. Kind of let myself get distracted there a few days. And now probably half the stories will vanish and never be seen again as per our usual tradition.

EndMaster’s Romance Story Contest on 1/23/2018 4:46:34 AM
Dammit End. What have you done?