Detective 2: Han Island

a Mystery / Thriller by Will11

Commended by mizal on 4/4/2021 1:28:53 AM

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Story Difficulty7/8

"wade in shark infested water"

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"need to be accompanied by an adult"
Contains content that may not be suitable for persons under age 13. If this were a movie, it would probably be PG.

Susan Knox returns to solve another mystery! Travelling to the beautiful yet mysterious Island of Han in the heart of the South China Sea the young detective faces another challenge: solving the mysteries surrounding a five-year-old "suicide" amidst rumours of pirate gold. Playable as a stand-alone adventure, the reader must use all their intelligence and logic if they are to uncover the secrets that lie amidst the tangled web of massacres, insanity, skeletons, pirate treasure and, at their heart, a promising life cut tragically short, that make up the history of Han Island. Good Luck!

Player Comments

I would congratulate this work on getting me riled up once again. Just like the blacksea island, this game embodies mystery in its finest glory. This game borrows the best parts of the first game ; the open world and the time counter.

Though from the very beginning my suspicions were already set on a certain person, I found the little clues spread throughout the island one of its charms. Even when I had finished the game, there were still small hints I didn't caught in my first playthrough. It really gave me the feeling of being a detective and investigating a case.

I didn't really have an affection for maps or navigation. Even though this game was more intuitive regarding its handling of its internal map in contrast to the first installment, I have found that I became quite disoriented around the windy forest parts and caves (there were around three of them, all with different names and I'm pretty bad with names).

To my knowledge, the game only has one small typo in the beginning (it's instead of its) , but the text in general was a pleasure to read. The prose didn't give me a headache and that's a real accomplishment.

For the people who want to finish the game yourselves, I have a last message to give. I can see that a lot of love and care went into this game. I can almost taste the sweat of hard work and dedication that went into typing and outlining the whole mystery. So ladies and gentleman, I command you to read this goddamn thing!

I look forward to the next installment!

SPOILERS and my dumb rambles and a little bit of gushing and SPOILERS

Okay, okay. Now we can go to the juicy bits. I don't know, but I completely missed the whole connection with the Smith family and our murder victim, though when I thought about it, it made a bit more sense. It still felt a bit contrived to be honest. However, I can say that it was at least a creative subplot. It connected the town history to the murder case and expanded the lore. That is always appreciated.

One thing I really liked was the fact that some clues were naturally inbedded into the dialogue. One example was the indentity of our lovely Bullet.
I came to find out about his identity when one character just casually talks about the victim and his daily life. It was just a small mention, but such a huge clue if you think about it.
Also, the little small mention of the guy, whose father was mysteriously killed, that he sold drugs to school children was also a brilliant hint to the true identity of the killer.
There was also such care put into the names of some of the characters. I like the fact that the victim's father was literally called Jesus while the victim's nickname is angel. The fact that his real name is Gabriel (also a biblical angel) makes this naming convention even funnier.

One big critique what I have is that you could have used your red herrings a bit more effectively so the killer's identitity wasn't that obvious, especially for someone who had read a lot of those detective stories before. I think that's also a problem the first story had, but I understand that you wouldn't want the game to be too difficult, especially for dumbasses like me. It's just all a balancing act.

I think that with a little tweaking you could have made the old guy in the museum a little bit more suspicious, especially when you emphasize his connection to the Smith family a little bit more and the fact that there could be rumour that a lot of old people know more about the caves and that they wouldn't want other people to know.

You could also just make the initial suspect which the police caught, a little bit more suspicious. One thing you could also do in future stories, in order to throw the reader off, is to let the killer frame another person by implanting false evidence throughout some locations. These are all just suggestions, do what you want with it.

I can also imagine that it's a bit difficult to manage the pacing and the delivery of clues in what's basically an open sandbox. The only thing you could do is to let characters remember your previous visits and then give out different or even conflicting information in contrast to their first responses. But then, it would be a pain to write and code that all in. I'm also already satisfied with the current style of the game design, it's pretty unique for the site, so radical change isn't really necessary in my opinion.

So with this sentence I will conclude my rambles.
-- Darius_Conwright on 4/15/2021 4:57:23 PM with a score of 1
After reading both of Susan's detective adventures, I can say the writing and mystery in this one have been vastly improved. I had a hunch on who the killer was from almost the get-go, probably thanks to the many hours spent reading/watching detective stories ;), and was glad to discover I was right! I experienced the satisfaction of solving the case and enjoyed the process of getting at the truth about the many mysteries of the island. The only downside that was passed on from the previous adventure is the navigation! While I do enjoy exploring the many locations on the island, a map would be highly useful so I hope to see one wherever the next adventure takes us. :)
-- Aurora89 on 4/4/2021 4:23:56 PM with a score of 1
Hey! Just played through Detective 2: Han Island and really enjoyed the gameplay. The style was fun and reminiscent of a lot of old-style text adventure puzzle-type games without bogging the reader down, and there were enough places to explore without getting stagnant. While you'd have to think a bit and process things, it wasn't too difficult as to be unplayable, and neither was it too easy to be solvable immediately.

What I enjoyed most about it was the atmosphere - it really captured the vibes of what a similar island might be like, deftly mixing fantasy and history to create an immersive vibe a reader could certainly enjoy. The little descriptions, the characters' vocabulary, and their manner of speaking proved to add color to a story that shows itself to be more than a detective game.

All in all, a fun play, and I'll be certain to come back to it! :)
-- doinks on 4/4/2021 11:05:28 AM with a score of 0
Just a hint, it's easy to read the coded notes if you use Notepad++ and break them up so that there's one word on each numbered line. You can find Fibonacci sequence generators online, if...adding two numbers is too difficult for you...

I'm still solving this, I think I know who did it and I have the location of the treasure, just trying to piece it all together when the questions are asked at the end. I'll need to explore more...there's a lot to do here in the time frame and I keep getting lost and wasting turns when walking the paths with compass directions.

I love the setting and the island has a great sense of history.

-- eatyourveggies on 4/3/2021 10:04:55 PM with a score of 0
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