High School Youtuber

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Story Difficulty2/8

"walk in the park"

Play Length1/8

"Make sure not to blink"

Maturity Level1/8

"appropriate for all ages"
Stories with this maturity level will not, by design, have any potentially objectionable content. An example of a type story with this rating would be a quiz on mathematics.


Take on the role of amazing youtuber Ellis, or make yourself a wannabe youtuber Tom.

Player Comments

-- PurestMongrel on 10/6/2015 6:21:36 AM
This game is like a challenge to make the worst one on this website. It is practically the worst game on here.
-- DrawnCasual on 10/4/2015 10:35:37 AM
That was the worst storygame I have ever played. It is truly embarrassing that you even posted this. I don't even know what to tell you. My suggestions:
-- Lifina on 10/4/2015 9:52:53 AM
I say its okay for a starter.
Try make it more interesting, And maybe,
Just maybe, you'll get better ratings?
-- MidnightScratch on 10/3/2015 10:57:04 PM
I do not have the words to describe the utter hatred I have for this ape vomit. This game is worse than Stalin.
-- SonicTurboTurtle on 10/3/2015 11:40:07 AM
I read over the reviews first, as I often do when I'm not the first person to review a story, before diving in. Having read Aducan's review ... I kind of chuckled. "Whilst I didn't spot any glaring errors in grammar or spelling,"? There wasn't any ROOM for them because there isn't enough written content in this thing. xD This is a story, if you remember. We need detail on every page.
-- Kiel_Farren on 10/2/2015 9:24:38 PM
I will miss you, Tom.

This is an overall a good effort, although it has a lot of grammar mistakes. I would prefer that you unpublish this and create some more...different paths. Both Ellis and Tom paths end abruptly at 54,007 something subscribers....and your summary doesn't live up to the actual game. You lured me in, and then you booted me out.

Sorry, but this is a sort of mediocre first story. But if tis was a real story (which it is), this deserves a 1/8.
-- At_Your_Throat on 10/2/2015 6:05:12 PM
"You suddenly get shot and die."

And so added the saga of Tom, the guy with no features except the colour of his hair. He was doing well with his YouTube FIFA channel, but alas, someone, something, or maybe Tom himself decided to shoot Tom. The ending is so vague that that isn't even known.

Whilst I didn't spot any glaring errors in grammar or spelling, I was very disappointed in the length of the story, the inflexibility of it, and the ludicrous lack of detail.

Better luck next time.
-- Aducan on 10/2/2015 5:34:30 AM
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