Jurassic Fairview Park

a Puzzle / Games by chocobot and Red45

Commended by BerkaZerka on 9/21/2019 9:09:03 AM

Player Rating6.31/8

"#157 overall, #6 for 2001"
based on 54 ratings since 01/17/2012
played 9,255 times (finished 47)

Story Difficulty8/8

"mosie through a minefield"

Play Length6/8

"It'll be a while, better grab a SnickersĀ®"

Maturity Level6/8

"I'll need to see some identification"
Some material may be inappropriate for persons under age 16. If this were a movie, it would probably between PG-13 and R.

Oh No!

Someone has brought dinosaurs to Fairview Park! These giant lizards are tearing apart WestGate Mall* and will soon take over the world!

You must go on this educational adventure to stop the dinosaurs coming through time! The only question is... CAN YOU DO IT?

The game is not done and may contain spelling errors

*Who cares, you say? Well, did you know WasteGet mall is the rightful property of Fairview Park, even though Rocky River gets all its taxes?

Player Comments

Easily one of my favorite games on the site. A sprawling, manic chase through an environment, hunting dinosaurs and evil cult members, using weapons like Colon Blow (which, by the way, is my favorite weapon ever)! Jokes galore and a million little distractions and detours! What's not to like?
-- Badger on 10/26/2008 8:22:09 PM with a score of 307
Well, I usually hate the "LOL! Totes so random!" games, but then, I guess this is the original "LOL" Totes so random!" game, and I can respect that.

I did actually enjoy this game. Not sure why, but I just found exploring the weird world and gathering a vast collection of pointless crap to be a load of fun (until I got bored and used the guide.)

I appreciate this game has a lot to be explored, and since so few people have completed it, I do wonder if everything in this game has actually been discovered. I found endings 1, 2 and 4, but not ending 3. It makes me wonder how many endings this game actually has. I should explore it again someday.

So, to sum up... I generally prefer puzzle and exploration games where every puzzle has a set answer, every item has a set use, and you're not just gathering a bunch of random crap with no idea whether or not the shit you pick up will actually ever be useful... But I liked this game anyway! Lots of fun. ^_^
-- Avery_Moore on 10/27/2020 5:12:23 PM with a score of 31184
This was amazing, found endings 1, 2 and 3.
-- FruitsAled on 10/20/2019 11:07:41 PM with a score of 48497
This is a very extensive puzzle game and I loved it! It was obvious there was a lot of effort put into this. Only 41 people have finished this game (as of the time of writing), so I felt pretty accomplished once I had completed the game.
There were a few spelling and grammar mistakes, but nothing that made the story unreadable.
Overall, I'd say that it's not the greatest piece of literature, but it is one of the best games on this site.
-- Cupcakitty__13 on 10/6/2019 10:08:33 AM with a score of 26460
Ball bustingly hard game. Read Alexp's walkthrough here, for those of you who can't beat it: http://chooseyourstory.com/forums/the-parlor-room/message/2945
-- Chris113022 on 9/11/2019 2:24:46 PM with a score of 10967
Now I got ending 2 (I'm only making these comments because supposedly not many people have beaten the game
-- Donkey Cat on 7/18/2019 7:56:19 PM with a score of 44340
I got ending 1!
-- Donkey Cat on 6/27/2019 11:48:27 AM with a score of 3559
I repopulated sweden by myself.
-- Austinc on 2/12/2019 11:34:24 PM with a score of 20523
I usually don't leave comments, but being only the 34th person to finish I guess I have to. If you are struggling to beat it my tip is read some books they really helped me. Now I just have to play it again and try for a better ending. Overall awesome game just needs a few more people to tough it out so it can get ranked.
-- Gymaert on 9/16/2018 3:11:57 AM with a score of 34867
It took me FOREVER, but with only 28 people finishing the game before me, I was determined! It's crazy, it's weird, it's difficult. But above all, it's FUN! And let's face it, there's a great sense of accomplishment being one of less than 30 people to finish it in the years since its release. AND I got to repopulate Sweden with the Swedish bikini team!
-- Glandros on 12/29/2017 11:22:26 PM with a score of 32367
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