Night in the Woods

a Horror by LuvLee

Player Rating3.70/8

"#512 overall, #41 for 2018"
based on 53 ratings since 04/26/2018
played 622 times (finished 63)

Story Difficulty3/8

"trek through the forest"

Play Length2/8

"So short yo' momma thought it was a recipe"

Maturity Level3/8

"must be at least this tall to play"
Contains content that may not be suitable for persons under age 10. If this were a movie, it would probably be between G and PG.



You have to make some quick decisions.

You are lost, and you need to get home.

You wouldn't believe what is out there! 

Or is it just your overactive imagination?

Good Luck!

Player Comments

Some pages contained only a minimum amount of sentences, so I highly suggest that you revise that. For example, on some pages, you only have one to three sentences which I found uninteresting. I noticed that you had some grammatical mistakes where you needed to put a period or a comma, but it wasn't that noticeable. I would prefer that the game would be a bit longer, so keep the length in mind.

You could have also added some of those effects, like adding in health, ammo, weapons, something around those lines. That could have been a nice and an interesting touch, but that's just a little comment. The pictures were OK, they didn't add that much significance (in my opinion) to the story. Use more imagery; that's interesting and fun to read.

Anyways, the story game was a pleasant and a fun read, but in some parts, you lost my attention, and I was uninterested. Make sure to make your game interesting and fun for others, and I noticed that you were trying to build suspense, so nicely done. Give more details on some pages, and don't make your story-games linear. Congratulations on publishing your first game; I'll be looking forward to your next one.
-- DiniTheWizard on 5/8/2018 10:07:43 PM with a score of 0
Good start and good setup. I like the premise of the story on the first page. I am lonely and sad, but I am experienced in the mountains. And lost. I am ready to go…somewhere. I was a little disappointed that there are no choices at all on the first two pages. It can certainly work to split up pages like that, especially if there is long content, but in this case the second page has just two lines. I’m not sure that page should be a page by itself there…at least I get a choice on the next page.

I like the various options beyond the start there. I spent some time in the cabin, even when it got creepy. I like that there’s different endings throughout, though some of them are clearly random. Sometimes it’s nicer to have hints when an ending is going to lead to death. Not always, but sometimes. I didn’t see any hints here (though they might have been there and I just missed them).

Again, later in the story, I found a number of pages in a row with one paragraph and no choices. I don’t really mind the one-paragraph pages, but when they are combined with no choices, I’m not sure I really see the point. Perhaps you were trying to build suspense?

All in all, a very nice short story. It was easy to read and I really do like that the choices actually matter. I’d love to see more and perhaps even a longer story like this. I had fun going back and trying different choices – and that was one of my most favorite things to do with the original choose your own adventure stories!
-- Ogre11 on 4/30/2018 2:08:42 PM with a score of 0
This game definitely needs more meat on its bones. In many places, I felt you could have fleshed out the environment, or maybe describe the atmosphere. As a result, I often lost interest in the story, and just when it starts to get good, you get a brief death description. You didn't completely mess it up however. Despite your lack of description, I found your writing ability to be good enough to get me to finish. I personally really like the concept. Bonus points for pictures

-- Master_of_All4 on 9/29/2018 12:47:13 AM with a score of 0
Really liked it. Don't know why it isn't rated higher.
-- Quorrah on 9/17/2018 1:17:58 AM with a score of 0
Made it to the happy ending! Phew.
-- Anactaka on 6/22/2018 12:21:06 AM with a score of 0
Oh. I get it, I'm being punished for being too lazy and not wanting to make a fire.
-- Anactaka on 6/22/2018 12:14:30 AM with a score of 0
This storygame was short, interesting, and simple, just the way I like them. Good job on this!
-- Person on 5/25/2018 4:21:01 PM with a score of 0
Quite random but not bad.
-- Victim on 5/24/2018 4:26:06 AM with a score of 0
Fun but too short.
-- Person on 5/2/2018 9:04:27 PM with a score of 0
It's definitely something. I need to keep in touch with your stuff.
-- AtikRaOips on 5/2/2018 6:46:01 AM with a score of 0
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