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Player Rating5.43/8

"#153 overall, #13 for 2016"
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Story Difficulty6/8

"wandering through the desert"

Play Length6/8

"It'll be a while, better grab a SnickersĀ®"

Maturity Level5/8

"aren't you a little too old to be trick or treating"
Some material may be inappropriate for persons under age 13. If this were a movie, it would probably be PG-13.
There is a sequence of runes which can lead you to alternate dimensions. There is a scientist posing as a teacher who has figured out how to manipulate these runes. There is you, who is somehow getting mixed up in all of this.

Player Comments

Okay, this was a decent story. A few things:
- Some of the wording left a bit more to be desired, such as 'You and James share a momentary look of shared terror'. Checking through carefully and reading it out loud can solve that pretty easily though and I only found a couple of grammatical mistakes. I would say to be wary of comma splicing though.
- The plot was a bit half baked and unbelievable. I found myself cringing a bit at the 'science' behind the portal. Calcium carbonate just seems so arbitrary. If you want a proper sci-fi explanation, I'd say something to do with quantum mechanics seeing as it's complicated enough to mould into loads of stuff and not well understood enough to refute. Also, I don't see the point of it all. Why go to another Universe? What the hell was the teacher thinking and why choose kids to go with him? (who disappeared for no explained reason. Was he a junkie pretending to be a teacher or what? Maybe an interdimensional being sent to misguide the youth?)
- The writing was pretty good, but the story was too short. If you want to develop characters, it's got to have a bit more effort than this. You'd at least expect to visit two different Universes with the promise of a Multiverse.
- I wasn't a fan of the whole zombie premise. If you wanted to write a zombie story, why not just write an actual zombie story? Why bother with the Multiverse?
- The ending was a little bit twee (the epilogue one, anyway. It'd be weird if any of the zombie death endings were twee... unless you fall in love with a zombie? You can have that plot idea. On the house.)

All in all, with a bit more effort this could be a really good story. Making another Universe option would get rid of the whole zombie premise argument thing.
-- AzBaz on 6/9/2017 1:59:30 PM
That was ... dissapointing. The first thing that i came to notice was how bland the characters were, starting with myself, dissapointingly enough. I honestly find mildly funny how little this guy reacts to what's happening. There's this portal that brings you to other universes where anything can happen,and honestly he doesnt seem to give much of a sh*t, he seems a bit intrigued at best. The worst is that you are probably the least character of all the characters, and that's saying a lot, considering that the rest are: A jock, who hates you because ... because. A school diva, who you of course have a crush on. The childhood friend, who is your friend. I think there were other ones, that i sadly cannot remember.

And there's also our lovely professor, who for some reason decided it was a good idea to send teenagers on wild adventures in the multiverse, he is also not very good at choosing them. The strong jock and the nerd i guess i understand, but why recruit a person who doesn't respect your authority enough to not consult you before revealing the secret of your project? And what is the diva doing there? What did he see in her? Was he just desperate to find people?

Other than that, the narration is a bit lacking, this is a bit of a more personal note, but i would've prefered if it had been a bit more descriptive of the enviroment, the atmosphere and how the characters felt. My guess is that you ass the author didn't expect much of this story, but i still would encourage you to continue it with a bit more care.
-- JossieMime on 8/10/2016 6:11:16 PM
While I enjoyed the story I couldn't help feel like it was meant to be much bigger. It's about a multi-verse yet only one other universe is ever explored.

Which brings me to my second point... of why? The motives of anyone aren't ever explained. Why is the doctor exploring these worlds? I thought his assistant had something to do with it at first, but he makes it clear he's sure he's dead. So why keep exploring when dangerous things are about?

Why use children to help explore, and why did the children agree? Why did they need more of them? Most of them seem to know just how dangerous it can be, yet they keep going. Did they just enjoy the novelty of entering new worlds? Did they stand to gain something by following the Dr?

Why were you invited? It seems the girl likes you, but what would that have to do with inviting you?

It's a cool setting, but I felt like it was left largely unexplored.
-- Killa_Robot on 7/17/2016 3:24:30 PM
Too sweet. I really enjoyed the story and the ending. Thanks for writing this story.
-- PaulaAnneMason on 11/11/2018 9:21:33 AM
I survived!
-- magicchess29 on 11/2/2018 11:35:48 PM
I found it kind a disappointing. It's a good idea,but it kind of falls flat with only one world. Plus most options lead to your eventual death, way too much
-- Unknown Ender on 7/6/2018 7:35:44 PM
the story is not really what i was thinking it was going to be like very misleading
-- ???? on 5/14/2018 11:35:57 PM
I see several people are confused about something that I wanted to clarify.

There are TWO dimensions that are visited in this story; not one. I'm not sure how this was getting confused; but (spoilers) in one dimension you have zombies (mindless shambling creatures whose only goal is to devour flesh); in the other dimension you have intelligent shape-shifting carnivores who are capable of speech and are anything but sluggish.
-- donteatpoop on 2/19/2018 11:10:19 PM
Interesting game, nice idea, making other universes. Thing is, it's one other dimension you travel to, and no matter what path you take, the ending is the same, almost. You still go to that same dimension whether you wait a day or not. If there were more endings it would be rated higher, but as it is now it's still a fun game. I like the detail that was in this, not just saying 'he drew stuff on the board, and we walked through.' There was more to it than that.
-- BunnyCatMouse99100 on 1/22/2018 11:16:24 PM
Short, but good game. Frank starts the apocalypse on my ending lol
-- Sam on 7/18/2017 5:38:16 AM
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