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Some material may be inappropriate for persons under age 18. If this were a movie, it would probably be R.

Take control of Karth, a young, powerful Psyker who has managed to lead a slave army to take over a massive battleship, and now has the whole galaxy at the tip of his fingers. Embrace the gifts of the Dark Gods and all the power and corruption it brings, sell your services to the highest bidder, take to the stars as a feared raider and pirate or try to find a peaceful existence among the dark and cruel stars. As the anarchic and terrifying Kaam the Prophet, loyal servant of Malice, rises up in the galaxy with a bloodlust for psykers and servants of the Warp, attempt to take down the champion of a destructive God that seeks to tear the galaxy apart.

This is a sequel to Fear the Psyker. It's my longest story yet and it has a lot of variables, so if, or more accurately, when you encounter any bugs, please do send them on, and I'll try my best to fix them. Also, the Score variable doesn't have anything to do with success, it's just a few variables to tell me what various choices commentators made and what endings they got.

Thanks to Seto and DiniTheWizard for beta-reading this! Anyhow, enjoy!

Player Comments

This was a very fine addition to the story of the psyker. As always the characters were well written and the plot had several twists (usually working to screw the characters over) in the true style of Steve.

I noticed from one of the comments that there are more than one true ending, so I'm assuming that I must have screwed up somewhere to get the very bad yet true ending that I did lmao.

Any ways hope to read more stories from you.
-- corgi213 on 12/12/2017 1:14:15 PM with a score of 220512
Uh... yeah, great story, except I'm confused as to whether you would consider which of the following to be the true ending? The Birth of a God or Death of a Prophet? ;D
-- TestingJest on 12/10/2017 1:59:59 AM with a score of 210511
Well made, and I noticed that karth was less sociopathic than most pf Steve's protagonists.
-- 3iguy on 12/6/2017 3:40:34 PM with a score of 1000
I enjoyed reading your story. It not only gave me an idea for what I could attempt but also brought back fond memories of the 40k universe that my friend introduced me to in college. You captured the mood and had an interesting cast of characters. Good job! I can’t wait to read more!
-- carlianwhately on 12/4/2017 12:49:56 PM with a score of 210
*claps* Nicely done Steve. I knew my beta-testing helped.
-- DiniTheWizard on 12/2/2017 2:03:03 PM with a score of 510
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