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People I dislike: Jocks, and popular people Things I dislike: people tongue-twisting my words, people saying I don't know something when they don't even know me, annoying people who think they are better, rock music, bugs, people saying ''act ladylike'', people telling me I'm being mean when I'm just being honest, snow getting in my boots, cheesy pickup lines. Things I love: Pastels colors, doggies, kitties, hamsters, birds, books, looking at quotes, my room, being alone, quietness, my friends when they aren't yapping their mounts off, sipping tea, sipping cocoa, sipping water, dog books, sad dog books People I like: Nerds, softies, nice people, anime lovers, dog lovers, people who don't disagree with everything, and people who aren't annoying

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My anime avatar is nice in my opinion on 2/3/2021 9:49:48 AM
I feel offended by the ''another anime avatar bothering Mizal'' but I figured out how to find the Chapters & pages so thanks for everyone's help, that was a lot of people texting back I expected about 2 people to text back.

another anime avatar bothering Mizal on 2/2/2021 3:03:54 PM
I have a question so I'm trying to make a story game but I don't know to get on the pages to write on them please text back! <3