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Isis, Hear my Plea!
An adventure game about the ancient Egypt - You need the gods' favour to solve puzzles & win battles to unite a fallen Egypt! I am also fundraising money on Kickstarter to improve artwork and computerize it:

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Isis, Hear my Plea! - help to finalize a minigame on 5/24/2023 3:24:29 AM
Hi All, May I ask for advice or critique on how to finalize my mini-game about the ancient Egypt in which the player need the gods' favour to solve puzzles & win battles to unite a fallen Egypt? Currently it is in PDF format where the player follows the story from page to page with some player choices. I am trying to fund it on Kickstarter to pay a designer to computerize it for me. But if you guys have good ideas, perhaps I can do it my self :) Specifically, I am looking to: - Add in a password box that the player has to type the result from the puzzles (usually three digits) If correct, it will reveal what page next to go to. - Computerize it, as in making it into a real game instead of just a PDF file - Ideas of whom can improve artwork of ancient egyptian comic-like design and serious detailed gods with weapons I cannot attach the game here, but I can send you on email a demo if you are interested. For more info I made these pages for my project: Thanks for feedback! Jesper