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Hi my name is Ronn and I'm a Choose Your Own Adventure Addict. 


You'll mostly find me reading the stories and leaving comments.

Who knows maybe one day I'll even write one of my own.

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Morality Test! on 2/9/2017 3:54:09 PM


You are fairly broadminded romantic and reasonably contented. You value kindness greatly and try to live by your ideals. You do not conceal from yourself, or from others, your strong need for security, which may be either emotional or material.

Men: Perhaps you tend to idealize women and credit them with virtues they don't possess.

Everything Else Story Replacement: Cows vs. Aliens on 11/22/2016 1:14:17 PM

Yes, congrats Will and Berka!

Everything Else Story Replacement: Cows vs. Aliens on 11/22/2016 9:31:03 AM

Get rid of House of Horrors since the video wont play on anything newer than an IBM 5150

Sneak Peek- well sort of.... on 11/2/2016 12:53:49 PM

So far you've got a good start. I can tell you've been going over it proofreading to correct any mistakes. My only concern, and that may change as you add to the story, is that it seems very linear. Maybe add some placeholder pages to show where you may branch off in the future.

It looks to like it's shaping up to be a nice story.

P.S. I'd like to know why Sam's father hates reading in general or reading at the table specifically so much, especially when he doesn't seem to have the time to sit and join his daughter at the breakfast table.

Ubik by Philip K. Dick on 10/14/2016 11:45:55 AM

Well I see you've already read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep which is my favorite of Dick's but here are some of his others that I really liked.

A Scanner Darkly

Man In The High Castle

We Can Remember it For You Wholesale

The Divine Invasion

Those should give you a good start.

Ubik by Philip K. Dick on 10/13/2016 3:11:46 PM

You may find this quote from Philip's Ex wife helpful

Dick's former wife Tessa remarked that "Ubik is a metaphor for God. Ubik is all-powerful and all-knowing, and Ubik is everywhere. The spray can is only a form that Ubik takes to make it easy for people to understand it and use it. It is not the substance inside the can that helps them, but rather their faith in the promise that it will help them." She also interpreted the ending by writing, "Many readers have puzzled over the ending of Ubik, when Glen Runciter finds a Joe Chip coin in his pocket. What does it mean? Is Runciter dead? Are Joe Chip and the others alive? Actually, this is meant to tell you that we can't be sure of anything in the world that we call 'reality.' It is possible that they are all dead and in cold pac or that the half-life world can affect the full-life world. It is also possible that they are all alive and dreaming." It is altogether possible to take Glen Runciter's convictions that he himself is alive and that the others are in half-life at face value, given Joe Chip's ruminations on the organic values of his own world's pseudo-reality at the end of the penultimate chapter. The reinforcement of this limbo state's 'reality' by repeated use of Ubik, as well as its prolongment via widespread half-life, could allow it to cross over into true reality by being set up as its parallel: just as Glen Runciter was able to impose his presence on half-life by repeated contact with Joe. Part of the confusion of interpretation is down to the mystery concerning the means of survival and escape of Glen Runciter following the explosion on the moon

I'm a fan of Philip K Dick as well but sometimes he's a little beyond me. My take is that the team were the ones in Half-Life but they didn't know it so reality was warped for them.