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Death Note: The Fanfiction

In this story you can play as either an owner of the mythically powerful death note, a book that has the power to kill anyone with the simple jot of their name within its pages. Or you can be a member of the task force that's chasing down one who wields the book's power.

Every choice matters and can lead to your death.

Be careful!

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First story game finally out on 2/14/2022 10:30:52 PM
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And one with sound.

Begging for Life on 1/31/2022 7:20:12 PM






O'wl draw you! on 1/11/2022 5:57:28 PM

Thank you for the art.

Eternal Plagarism on 1/4/2022 10:19:16 PM

I was going to make an account and contribute, but it seems they already got their just desserts.

What scum.

O'wl draw you! on 1/4/2022 10:18:17 PM

It's very beautiful, thanks. I think it would look even more cool if the hair was darker, and the eyes as well. More field cricket than house you could say. 

However, what's here sure is good. 

O'wl draw you! on 12/8/2021 2:16:33 PM

It looks great! I would like to see it inked and colored up if you're going to be doing so. 

She looks pretty, and with a gun. Pretty and dangerous.

I need the history of this site, idk where to put on 12/8/2021 2:14:05 PM


Any tips to memorize stuff faster? on 11/30/2021 5:16:46 PM

Studying the day of the test is usually my go to. The material stays fresher in my mind that way.

I haven't failed an exam yet doing that.

O'wl draw you! on 11/28/2021 5:40:15 PM

Wavy shoulder length brown hair. 

O'wl draw you! on 11/28/2021 5:28:26 PM

A lovely princess with two cricket antennas. One on either side of her head, holding a brown leather briefcase in one hand, with a handgun in the other if that isn't too much.