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It's me Chekaiw, i gave up on the gaming series, everytime i make a game things always gets messed up. i either made a bad storyline, or the links just doesn't work well i give up. from now on i will only make ebooks that one could read for free. the only thing you really need to do is read and comment. i give up altogether.

-Chekaiw (Epicgodkai)

それはç§Âã«Chekaiwをだã€Âç§Âã¯æ¯Å½å›Å¾ç§Âã¯ã‚²ãƒ¼ãƒ ç‰©äº‹ã¯å¸¸ã«å°ç„¡ã—にされます行いã€Âゲームのシリーズをあきらめました。ç§Âã¯ã©ã¡ã‚‰ã‹æ‚ªã„ストーリーを作ったã€Âã‚るいはリンクがうまく動作しないだけでなくã€Âç§Âã¯ã‚きらめます。今からç§Âã¯ä¸€ã¤ã ã‘が自由のために読むことができる電å­Âブックを行います。あなたが本当に行う必è¦ÂãŒã‚る唯一のものはã€Â読み込みとコメントされています。ç§Âã¯å®Œå…¨ã«ã‚きらめます。

-Chekaiw ( Epicgodkai )

Sore wa watashi ni Chekaiw oda, watashi wa maikai watashi wa gēmu monogoto wa tsuneni dainashi ni sa remasu okonai, gēmu no shirīzu o akiramemashita. Watashi wa dochira ka warui sutōrī o tsukutta, aruiwa rinku ga umaku dōsa shinai dakedenaku, watashi wa akiramemasu. Ima kara watashi wa hitotsudake ga jiyū no tame ni yomu koto ga dekiru denshi bukku o okonaimasu. Anata ga hontōni okonau hitsuyō ga aru yuiitsu no mono wa, yomikomi to komento sa rete imasu. Watashi wa kanzen ni akiramemasu.

-Chekaiw (Epicgodkai)

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Game Designing Help on 8/7/2017 11:59:46 PM

thank you for the help, all of you gave me valuable information. i appreciate it.

Game Designing Help on 8/7/2017 3:16:42 AM

I plan on making a game on scratch but i'm no good at pixel art. Please comment on whether or not you're able to help. i would appreciate it

RPG needs on 3/14/2017 9:30:36 PM

No, do you know one?

RPG needs on 3/13/2017 6:33:52 PM

I'm looking for a story game with a class system. can someone help me?

Game based on reigns on 12/8/2016 9:08:06 AM

I am currently working on a story game where you play as a king. However I don't think the storyline is good.

The idea is that you play as James, a new king to the throne, you have to rule until old age and every chapter becomes a year.

Problem is that it may  be a long game and I doubt people will have time to play it.

You can get a heir to the throne, you can slay a dragon, or start a war.

Do you think I should continue this concept, or change it in some way?

scripting on 10/14/2016 9:20:35 AM

having trouble scripting help please


WarTorn Realms on 7/13/2016 2:50:44 AM

Thank you for telling me this, I'll remember that.

WarTorn Realms on 6/1/2016 8:05:31 PM


WarTorn Realms on 5/27/2016 11:40:29 PM

I am Working on a game, that i wish will bring a lot of nostalgia to the players. it will be called, " War Torn Lands". You play as Dray Bazzer, a Knight who was sent on a quest by his king, to find and slay the Dark lord Grim. You will travel through many lands, and face many challenges that will put your metal to the test. However, I am in need of help, character ideas, weapon ideas, boss fight ideas, and more. please post it and i will give you a lot of credit in the...uh... credits?

Can't Upload Pictures on 1/5/2016 9:19:14 AM

i can't upload pictures and i'm working on a dating simulator game.