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I've seen a tree like this somewhere... When was it? So long ago that I've forgotten... Under a sky where the clouds made sound as they moved. The black horizon swelled and from it grew a huge tree. It sucked the life from the ground... And it's pulsing branches reached up, as if to grasp something...



Blue Light Saga

Enter a world where the only light is that which you carry.

Choose your path and decide your fate.  Don't let fate decide for you.

Epoch Coda

Dorian is back for another epic adventure.  The story draws inspiration from the great Akira Kurosawa film, Seven Samurai.

Three different endings here.  Enjoy!

The Finisher

Fight for your life in this thrilling tale of a man struggling to fight the Darkness!!

There are Two Major Endings

Hero's End and Fool's End.


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Noob Census - Earn pointless points! on 8/31/2021 8:25:02 PM

“Among Takeda Shingen’s retainers there were men of matchless courage, but when Katsuyori was killed in the fight at Tenmokuzan, they all fled. Tsuchiya Sozo, a warrior who had been in disfavor for many years, came out alone, however, and said, “I wonder where all the men are who spoke so bravely every day? I shall return the master’s favors to me”.  And he fell alone in battle. 

Noob Census - Earn pointless points! on 8/31/2021 10:06:00 AM

Thanks!  Will absolutely check out both!

Noob Census - Earn pointless points! on 8/31/2021 7:27:06 AM

That's the beauty of it. It doesn't quite make sense, no one really cares, and I'm back to read through some old material. A wise man once said to me, "some people don't think it be like it be, but it do"

Noob Census - Earn pointless points! on 8/30/2021 7:37:31 PM

Came back after completing my MSO just to call Ogre a little bitch. That is all. Happy reading everyone!

2020 Resolutions on 1/6/2020 8:15:54 AM

Whoa, nice goals.  Is this coming from a steady weight lifting lifestyle or are you just starting?  Either or, not knocking it, it can be done.  



2020 Resolutions on 12/30/2019 4:37:12 PM

1.  Continue progressing in strength training and fitness.  Was able to build a great base this last year being overseas, but real world takes a lot more of your time and I really don't want to go back to slob mode.  

2. Fight the urge to be on my phone or be entertained at all times.  For real guys, how much time do you spend having to do something whether it is checking a social media account, forum, reddit.  People can't sit and just talk or be fine with doing nothing anymore.

3. Read more on Stoicism and find ways to incorporate it practically in life.  I think it is a lofty challenge to reach the point of not caring what others think and almost impossible.  I've already started on this journey some myself and you begin to realize you really do care what others think. 

The Mandalorian on 12/30/2019 4:30:35 PM

Same.  Since the next season won't come out till fall 2020 I relaly don't need those months of subcription charges.  Feel like Disney Plus kinda screwed themselves here.  I mean, maybe I haven't looked through everything avaiable enough, but there should be more original series like Mandalorian, or offering access to Marvel movies sooner or something.  The other night I tried to pull up the second Ant Man with Wasp because I hadn't seen it yet. and it was on the app.  And what do you know.  Not avaialble.  

The Mandalorian on 12/15/2019 3:16:48 PM

Speaking of no major arc, there was a review out wheee a guy was bashing it as cashing in on action figures and nostalgia. Similar to how Ready Player One movie was bashed as just a fan service for people to find all the little Easter eggs and references. I personally really enjoy the show and there is a major arc it’s just not in everyone’s face yet. Kinda cool how the episodes each feel a little dofferent and like he’s working a new job each time. 

Noob Census - Earn pointless points! on 12/12/2019 6:31:28 PM

Enlisted 2013, commissioned 2015. My math is not off not sure what you're going on about. 

Noob Census - Earn pointless points! on 12/12/2019 8:13:01 AM

Yep!  Just completed my first deployment and am at 6 years time in service.  2 more years and I'm done.