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An Article. on 6/22/2016 3:29:34 PM

I heard that this site has a few things called Articles. Is there one on creating Forum Games?

Who is Solostrike? on 6/19/2016 2:27:20 PM

I know this site has a few moderators. But I'm curious to know who is Solostrike? I have found that he/she hasn't posted on the forums since 2011; and that he/she might be a moderator.

Chicken Wishbones on 6/19/2016 1:58:55 PM

Yup. Sorry to waste your time.

Chicken Wishbones on 6/19/2016 1:58:15 PM

That is an interesting question that I can't seem to find the answer to. Yes, I was referring to Americans.


Chicken Wishbones on 6/19/2016 1:53:52 PM

Perhaps farming is more malevolent than I ever thought.

Chicken Wishbones on 6/19/2016 1:49:01 PM

I just stumbled across some American food. Those Americans really come up with some zany creations. It's a whole chicken in a can. Google it if you wish to know more.

Chicken Wishbones on 6/19/2016 5:20:46 AM

Has anyone ever found a Chicken Wishbone? I don't know why I'm asking. But I just had to.

Page on Site Rules on 6/11/2016 2:27:57 AM

Oh okay. Thank you.

Page on Site Rules on 6/10/2016 3:07:17 PM

I know this sounds crazy. But I thought maybe some site rules might do for younger people who want to read some of the lighter stories? smiley

Hello on 6/10/2016 2:52:52 PM

Hello my name is Cocoabeans. I hope to write interesting stories.