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Accuracy thread on 1/24/2023 10:48:40 AM
Thank you I think it uses a slightly different tactics to what I'm using. Thanks though!

Accuracy thread on 1/18/2023 12:53:56 PM
I saw a thread or article on here the other day about explaining accuracy in Battles, does anyone know where it is? I can't find it now

Best methods to organise random selections on 1/15/2023 8:04:45 AM
Jeez I feel like an idiot how could I not figure that out thank you for your help though

Best methods to organise random selections on 1/15/2023 3:44:54 AM
Don't worry it's fine, what youwere going to say could of helped at some point I recon.. what I'm really after I guess is an article on dice rolling and I may figure the rest out myself.. or try to. E: I have managed to figure this out, so now if you know how to script it to select a random number between x and x depending on which selection was chosen from the first die roll that would be great please The reason I say depending on first roll is because if it rolls a 1, the random number selection could be a random selection between 5-10.. and if it rolled a 2 then the random number selection could be between 7-19 for example I get I could use another die roll but I wouldn't want me to be from 1-6 for instance I would need it from 5-10 or 7-19 as shown in this example. Hope i explained this enough. E2: so I think what I'm asking is if 1D50 is 1 die roll with chance of rolling 1 to 50.. I am wanting the dice roll chances to be 15 to 50 not 1 to 50.

Best methods to organise random selections on 1/14/2023 4:32:45 PM
I want to set up a method of where I can have the system randomly select 1 out of x amount of choices.. what are the best methods to do this please? Once this has been selected, at the same time I also want to then be able to randomly select a number from like 10-50.for example.. what I do this the same way as the first? And can this be done in the same motion at all?

Page destinations on 1/13/2023 1:54:50 PM
Thank you

Page destinations on 1/12/2023 3:40:46 PM
Sorry, mizal, another question.. I've added a page link to back to previous page and added $DEST := "@p" + %LASTPAGE to the script but it's saying the page results aren't found is this because the page I'm trying to go back to is in a different chapter?

Page destinations on 1/12/2023 2:36:26 PM
Thanks mizal that's a big help! So if I'm on chapter 1 page 3 and I want to add a page link on that page to chapter 2 page 5 for example, how would I go about that? Because it appears when I go to add a page link in chapter 1 page 3 I can only choose out of the pages that are in chapter 1 and I can't select any pages from chapter 2. Ignore this, sorry!

Page destinations on 1/12/2023 1:33:55 PM
I'm sure it's doable with page destination coding/scripting, I'm sure I'll come across the article or work it out eventually. Thanks for your help though. E: I think what I'm asking for with regards to my first query is %LASTPAGE I think E2: I've come to realise what I should of asked is. If I'm on chatper 1 page 3, how do I link that page to chapter 2 page 2

Page destinations on 1/12/2023 1:27:18 PM
I am testing this out and have encountered another issue lol! So I believe what you have explained will work for me so thank you for that. However this other issue is.. this menu I have made is in chapter 2, I want to get from a page in chapter 1 to a specific page in chapter 2. It doesn't appear that I can choose the destination of any page from any chapter. Hope this is making sense again