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Do you relate with the MC in Repression? on 1/21/2024 2:51:56 AM
Just realized I should probably answer the question myself. No, I don't, he's a retard who refuses to take advantage of his own genetic potential because muuuh parents

Do you relate with the MC in Repression? on 1/21/2024 2:45:12 AM
Not either of the two. Thanks for the suggestion though bro.

Do you relate with the MC in Repression? on 1/21/2024 1:43:07 AM
No, I don't like using the word 'MC'. Makes me feel like I'm on Tumblr. But the title character limit is extremely low for some reason Anyways, thoughts? Would a past you relate with the main character in Repression?

I feel like endmaster is always online on 1/14/2024 1:01:13 AM
He's omnipresent bro.

Reading Eternal unironically made me depressed on 1/7/2024 11:26:33 PM
Fuckkkk, I just finished all 13 endings in a week and reading it fucking destroyed me. Here I am rotting as a disgusting ethnic subhuman isolated from pretty much all social interaction and milestones in life and I suddenly get a taste of being the main character, fucking whoever I want, going on adventures, having comrades who respect and admire me etc etc. Maybe I need to read more but I can't come back from it, I need to be transported into the world ASAP so I can be a normal Aryan superhero fucking FALLING into situations where people respect and admire me. Every night I pray to God I can wake up in some kind of dreamworld isekai (not even a fucking weeb) for me to just reside in, I WOULD TAKE BEING IN A PERMANENT LOOP of a YEAR just over and over again of a normal NT high tier normie, over my current life TL;dr: It is over.