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Alien Generation Episode One

In this science fiction adventure game, you take on the role of Judy Ramos, a young lady with very special mental abilities who must face the aftermath of an event that will forever change the course of the planet. 

At the beginning of the game, you will be assigned a unique numerical value that represents Judy's mental energy.  This value is very important because every time a mental ability is used, this number is factored into the equation in order to determine how successful the action will be.  Furthermore, whenever a mental ability is used the value decreases.  The game automatically keeps track of your mental score, and it is displayed at the bottom of every page.  

On a personal note, this is my very first game created for this site.  Thanks for playing, and be sure to message me or leave a comment so that the next game can be even better!


Alien Generation Episode One (Final Draft)

Alien Generation Episode One (Version 2.0)

In this, my very first interactive story/game, you will take on the role of Judy Ramos, a young psychic facing an event that will not only forever change her but also everyone around her.

There are two scores that will be kept during the course of this adventure: Physical and Mental. The Physical score is a determination of how healthy Judy is, while the Mental score reflects her mental well-being. Physical score will drop as a result of Judy being hurt during the course of the story, while the Mental score will drop whenever Judy chooses to use her psychic abilities. If either value drops to 0, the game will end rather abruptly...and for Judy quite painfully.

Furthermore, psychic abilities are used in this game like items, that is when one becomes available you will be able to pick it up and add it to your inventory. From that point, you will then be able to use the ability whenever you wish. Please note that you will not be prompted during the story of when an ability might come in handy, but rather you will decide for yourself when you want to use the ability. Just remember that choosing to use a psychic ability will lower your Mental score.

Well, I think that about covers it. Have fun, and don't forget to comment!

Alien Generation Episode One: The Annihilation Wave

Power Trip

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