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"Weak Atheism" on 11/13/2012 8:03:49 PM

I find the whole "believe in our God or you suffer eternally" pretty foolish. I mean, if God is omnipotent and so merciful, why would you go to hell because of simply not believing in him? It doesn't seem like what an all-powerful, all-loving being would do if he exists.

"Weak Atheism" on 11/13/2012 7:42:50 PM

I think it's pointless to even debate religion. It is impossible to prove or disprove, as mentioned many times in this thread. The way I see it is: Attempt to be as happy as possible, and forget about things that will not directly impact your life. If there is a God, he obviously hasn't shown any interest in what we do and deserves no second thoughts; abide by moral laws and you will end up in Heaven (supposing he DOES exist and is a paradise as described). If God doesn't exist, then at least you've lived a full life with no regrets. By debating religion, all you're doing is giving yourselves a headache over something largely irrelevant.

Introduction on 4/2/2012 5:36:36 PM
Just finished one of the endings for Eternal and...IT WAS AWESOME! Probably the best story game on the site so far.

Introduction on 3/29/2012 5:09:00 PM
No problem, it is well deserved. Actually, Order of the Midnight Sun was the first story I read on this website, and it was the one that got me hooked on storygames.

Introduction on 3/29/2012 5:06:23 PM
No, I haven't read Eternal yet, but I'll try to read it soon. I started to read it once, but I was busy so I couldn't finish it.

Introduction on 3/29/2012 5:04:26 PM
Nice to meet you too. Good luck on your first story!

Introduction on 3/29/2012 9:00:37 AM

Yeah, that was the problem, it was too big. I found another one that worked though. Thanks for the help!

Introduction on 3/29/2012 8:49:49 AM

Thanks for answering so quickly!

I tried using the Pictures tab, but this message comes up when I try to upload a picture:

Request object error 'ASP 0104 : 80004005'

Operation not Allowed


Introduction on 3/29/2012 8:16:16 AM

Hi there! I'm not really new to the site, but I never created my account for some reason. I've read several of the stories on the site, and I have to say, 3J, EndMaster, and Sethaniel are my favorite writers. My favorites are Necromancer, Death Song, Order of the Midnight Sun, and Snow. I already have an idea for my first story, but I don't know when it will be published.

On a side note, I'm having problems uploading pictures, so if someone could help me, I would appreciate it. I look forward to working with you all!