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Struggling story game maker. 


Hero Zero

A game in a magical RPG world with superpowers. What's not to love? Nick embarks on a journey as a disappointing slob of a person as a magic-less, hopeless virgin lad who is anything but a hero.

Unfortunately for you, the player, who is trying to make him into one.


Idiot School

Good luck losing a couple of IQ points. You are a narcissistic guy named Micheal, a sane guy in this school of students who study in the absolute worst school in town. AKA, the pupils are mostly idiots.

Considered a comedy (horrible jokes), mystery (I try not to have plot holes) and whatever I want. Really linear. First game, there's no need to take this game seriously, feel free to give criticism as I want to improve.

No magic

Note: Not serious gameplay and plot would be really linear.

The story is set in the Apple Kingdom where monsters thrive and were fought against by the Malus, an army of mages who protect the kingdom in the name of the crown. Most people admired the Malus, and attended special schools to train themselves into capable fighters of their own in hopes of holding the prestige and power this group of warriors had.

Unlike Nick, of course. He doesn't give a shit about that. Unfortunately for him.

Silver Lining

...A story that is updated every week as an excuse for the author's incompetence!

Thrilling storyline that mashes dark elements and immature humor!

Weird experimentation done in a story game even though its the author's first published game!

I dare anyone to come and roast this strange game after playing.


Stay Alive, Jack

Jack can't catch a break. He keeps getting himself into stupidly weird situations which threatening his life.

You are his ghost great-grandfather who has to keep him alive.

Non serious, probably made quickly too.

Zombie Math

Topic: Differential Equations

I need to study for a test. I want to play a game.
Welcome to my compromise. Enjoy..

Zombies and math. There's no correlation. Not until now.
When the zombie apocalypse happened, I thought that it was my true calling. I rushed out with my axe...

"Aw, my cute brother is playing with his toy," Chris appeared next to me as I kneel down from defeat. Effortlessly, he shot one in the groin with a blue gun, instantly causing the zombie to fall down on its face.

"Dude, that's cruel, and I didn't need your help," I glared at Chris. Chris just laughed (hahaha he got shot in the balls) as he threw at me a silver gun. I caught it deftly.

"Thanks..." I managed to stammer out. "Oh and one more thing," Chris bent down to open a screen at the grip, "you can only shoot after you answer a math question."

I pressed the trigger, and when the gun didn't fire, I cursed out loud.

"Haha yeah I love you too but I'll have to leave," Chris activated his jetpack and flew away.

Damn him.