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Just your typical CYOA writer. May be too ambitious in his first project: a CYOA that's impossible to lose because every ending is... well, an End. A denouement, if you will. Heh.


Where do souls go after their physical containers cease to exist in the mortal realm? Some say heaven or hell. Others believe it's being reincarnated as another being, or currently reaping the consequences of what it did in its life. A handful think that it vanishes into a void... or don't believe in life after death at all. You see, it's a bit complicated. The Great Divide proves that all our beliefs of the presence or absence of the afterlife, no matter how much it varies from one person to another, are both truth and falsehood. Curious? Then come. Take the place of a soul and see for yourself how it all works out. Do take into account that you are only seeing through the perspective of the soul, not the soul itself. You have the power to do something it wouldn't dare to do, which may satisfy or disappoint you depending on how the consequences of your decisions affect both you and the soul you shall inhibit. Choose wisely. Oh, and before I forget: Everybody has their own destiny, and nobody can walk away from it. May you cross paths with what Destiny has provided to the souls of The Great Divide.

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I guess I'm here now. on 8/2/2021 5:12:37 AM
Call me El. Some people may be familiar with the name. Others, probably not. Me? Just got it from a game. Thought it sounded cool. So... hi. I'll be working on a project. Feel free to come by. Say hello. Give pointers and stuff. That's about it.