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I got no creativity whatsoever so I'm just here to lurk and make a review here and there if I got the motivation to do so.

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(A)Sexuality on 3/25/2018 11:28:42 AM

Heterosexually impaired.

Glorious Sheep on 2/26/2018 8:36:58 AM

Lol I don't really know what I feel. I just don't care anymore. When you get a president who is a chinese lapdog you should know that it's a waste of time to resist. Many of my friends are still being very nationalistic and stuff but when I heard our president making jokes about making the Philippines a province of China I just stopped caring about stuff related to that sht.

Glorious Sleep on 2/23/2018 7:59:48 AM

I got 2-3 hrs of sleep but I need to wait till I graduate college.

Glorious Sheep on 2/23/2018 7:58:02 AM

I have like 10-15hrs of sleep per week atm. I don't know. It started when I worked on a BPO company here in the Philippines before and my shift is like 10pm-7am and I never recovered after that, I mean with the sleeping part. I sleep like 2-3hrs a day, I feel sleepy at 1-2pm but past that I'm good. Tons of homework, reports, and demo teachings requires a lot of brain activity so maybe that's why I never feel sleepy while doing them.

What is/was your school like? on 2/11/2018 11:20:50 AM

My school is pretty chill too. We don't have those anti-bullying posters because I think it's already common sense that bullying is heavily frowned in here. The student council is dead af. The school atmosphere is very peaceful because everyone knows what they should do and what they should not. I have 9 hours of class every monday and tuesday, and 6 hour classes from wednesday to friday and a 3 hour class every saturday. It's a pretty simple and quiet school. I just transferred here last october and I never saw any student do stupid stuff because they are too studying.



Another class project on 2/9/2018 8:02:18 AM

I can sense your willingness to help, but the thing is they're idiots. All they will think about once they read your posts here is you're a bitch. They'll just ignore all your attempts to help because again, they're too dumb to understand. And from future teacher's point of view this is just an example of bad classroom management. The first thing that a teacher should check when he/she/it's trying to make his/her/it's student's projects available for public viewing is the place where they are gonna be putting up those projects, and this place... is just a bit too child-unfriendly (i mean with the language, violence and sexual stuff you will see on the stories and sometimes, on the forums too this site should be rated like R18 lol). And they're already on the 8th grade, if they're still bad with their grammar then that means their foundations are bad which means the teachers from grades 1-3 are to be blamed, though I'm not excluding this teacher as well. If I'll ever make a project similar to what this teacher did I will never send my students to this website lol its like you're just asking to be savagely ripped apart by the site's members. Well not all of us, but still.

Another class project on 2/9/2018 7:48:50 AM

LoL this is like something i'd hear from a radio when I'm on the Ground Zero world setting.

General Age of CYS Users on 1/31/2018 9:19:10 PM

I think as long as it is not warrior cat-based it's tolerable. Warrior cats is not that bad tbh, It's just that the warrior cat fanfics eons ago are still causing PTSD on some of the witnesses of that historic event. And for those who don't know, yes, it was that bad that mizal still gets triggered at the mention of the word "warrior".

General Age of CYS Users on 1/31/2018 6:52:43 PM

I don't know why but I laughed at your reaction. lol

General Age of CYS Users on 1/29/2018 8:23:35 AM

I'm quite surprised by how young people are here lol. And I hope they don't misunderstand the "grumpy" remark. I got a grumpy old man and I really like him because of that. lol