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17 year old Filipino studying Music in the UK aspiring to compose and produce OSTs for Film, TV & Games. I enjoy consuming Far Eastern content, especially Japanese multimedia. I'll probably only ever use this site once in my life for my EPQ but nice to meet you nonetheless!


To Myself

Identity, who are you?
Aspirations, what are yours?

For me, I'm still trying to figure that out. I am a 17 year old Sixth Form music student who decided to create a short Gamebook for my EPQ about my experience with adolescent issues.

Delve into my mind as you attempt to break out of my seemingly endless cycle of procrastination. Help me reconnect with my family and find the motivation to realise and pursue my future.

Please provide any feedback as I will be mentioning that in my EPQ to gain more marks and improve my writing in the future. I appreciate you for going on this journey of self discovery with me.

Link to my assignment if interested:
Jeremiah Tabudlong - EPQ Level 3 Skeleton 22/23

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Spaces Not Working In My Description on 3/26/2023 8:45:09 PM
In the Storygame Editor, I left one line spaces in my description between sections and it saves / shows it like that in edit. However, when I look at the preview of the story's page itself, it removes them. Please tell me how to resolve this, thank you! ----------------- Extra: I am writing my first ever gamebook about my struggles with adolescent identity, aspirations and mental health for an EPQ assignment thats due in TWO DAYS. I will probably be publishing "To Myself" by March 28th so please do look out for it. I would appreciate feedback as fast as possible so I could implement it into my EPQ and get more marks. I appreciate it!