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Hi Everyone!

I am a cool, respectful and smart girl with potential to be a great friend, i love German shepherds and border collies and sometimes have pizza with a Maxibon bar, but hey, don't judge me, we are not all health freaks!

I used to be addicted to video games like Call of Duty and NFS but it was taking my study time and ruining my life. I am now replacing the gaming with exercising and reading. I find that reading expands our imagination and helps us work off stress, when I had stress I found that killing people and zombies in video games helped me work it off, but now, exercising works just as well and I am very grateful to you awesome story gamers for being part of a community that is so inspiring and creative and helping people out when they need it.

Just know that I love the truth and am not afraid to defend it, I love studying about brain diseases, funguses, parasites and bacteria and I love horses and Camaro's!

Hope you all have a wonderful day and hope to talk to you soon!


If any of you want to have a friendly chat just send me a pm anytime!

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The 1st annual Hunger Games.

Here it is folks! The first annual hunger games, 26 tributes from all 13 districts will compete to the death and only a single victor will emerge to remind us of the capitals kindness.