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Download novels? on 8/25/2022 6:21:58 AM
Haha not really. I just used my spare cash to buy the library for 60 bucks. That kept me busy for a really long time and then I slowly accumulated more of their books. Keep in mind I've been reading them for years.

Recommendations. on 8/25/2022 4:48:19 AM
Super sorry if this is a stupid question. I dont like to be a bother but what are some stories here that rely heavily on your decision? I get theres a lot of good stories but they seem very linear and choices are really only there to give you the feeling of being in the story when ultimately it doesnt matter. Not necessarily one with many endings, it could all lead to one ending but the story changes. Kind of like left or right(if you choose left you travel through the city meeting people and if right you travel through forest meeting different people but the ending might stay the same.) Thanks so much and sorry if it's stupid you dont have to reply if it is.

Download novels? on 8/25/2022 4:39:59 AM
So I love CYOS games. I bought and read all of the choice games books and was looking for more when I found this website. Is there a way to download these stories because so far I am in love. I usually end up on a plane or somewhere without internet so these games are my lifeline. If I cant that's cool.