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GREETINGS VISITORS!!! Please help yourselves to any of my story games. Please note that not all of my games are finished and may be updated at any time, I apologize for the lose of any saved games that you may have. ENJOY YOURSELF

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After the Flash

Only days after the first explosions a nuclear winter set in, that was 2 years ago. Now it's -22°F and only getting colder. Your only goal in this story is to survive the harsh cold and UV exposure. Welcome to the winter.

Welcome to the wasteland. Welcome to a world... After the Flash.


Please note the minute counter, that is the approximate number of minutes in 8 years, and that is how long you have until the nuclear summer comes. And yes nuclear sumers are a real nuclear phanomanon and would follow the nuclear winter between 10-15 years after the war.

Nations Rise

It is 2137AD and the world has been plunged into a new world order, AWOL soldiers from the United States came together a hundred years ago to create a new nation, New Rome. Following the lead of their namesake they set out to conquer the world, and did so with a passion. Spreading out from present day Las Vegas, the New Roman Armies Go on a fifty year campaign, conquering every nation and people, all four corners of the world are under their rule. You are SFC. William Elms, Leader of a squad of rebel militants. Labeled terrorists by your government you set out to free your brothers and sisters... Welcome to New Rome


Version 1.1

Sails and Broadsides

*NOTICE* This will be updated every so often as i come up with more writing material and ideas.

Welcome to Galdera, a planet much like earth but but different. it holds the same land to water ratio, but all land masses are shaped different.
You are a Midshipman on the Aberystwythian navy vessel HMS Warrior, a 44-gun frigate, defending the tropical colonies from the Belaphorian navy.

Sniper Team Alpha

This is a modern fiction game based in modern day Colombia. You are a sniper in the United States Armed Forces, a member of the secretive yet prestigious 1st SFOD-D (Delta Force) Your mission is to eliminate a Colombian Drug Lord and retrieve a hostage American agent.

Wall of Shields

Just Imagine Going Back In Time To When The Strength And Courage Of The Men Standing On Either Side Of You Meant Life Or Death. When A Simple Shirt Of Chain Mail Cost You Whole Life Savings, And A Sword Was Something That Noble Alone Could Afford. When A Weapon In Your Hand Was A Way Of Life Now... Welcome To The Shield-Wall




  The only campaign made is the Essex campaign. Sorry!

Version 1.0