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Galgaria: A Cursed Life

You are Norrell, an individual who has been cursed with bad luck your entire life. You've lived in poverty, No one cares about you, and on top of that, you have no useful talents to get you a job or make up for your lack of wealth or friends. Everyone around you seems to get the opposite. Many have everything they could possibly want. Lots of friends, abundant gold, and impressive talents.

As a boy, you were taught that Galgar the Great, the so-called "perfect" god of Galgaria, was the savior of the land and the one who blessed everyone with happiness and peace. For so long, you thought that your cursed life was a coincidence, but you now realize that it couldn't be with Galgar the puppet master pulling the strings of fate. You learned that in order to exact justice on the rough life you've lived, and maybe have a chance at living a good one, you would have to slay Galgar yourself. But in order to defeat the most powerful, you would have to become the most powerful. So you begin a quest in search of the elemental auras to gain power, so that you could defeat the cruel god who cursed your life once and for all.

The Klovix Keyboard

What if I told you there was such thing as a world completely free of consequences? A world with no rules? A world governed only by fun, excitement, and chaos? A world where everyone could die again and again, always come back, and never feel pain or suffer? Would you want to go there? If so, then this is the game for you!

Here in the land of Blanzek... or no, I think it's called "Pigglesnapazol"... wait no no, I believe right now it's known as "suggondeeznuts". Honestly, I can't quite remember. The name changes often.

Anyway, in this... place, you will take on the role of Randy Raccoon, a thrill-seeking troublemaker who lives a luxurious life of endless enjoyment, just like everyone else.

I think you will enjoy playing as Randy. He has much fun creating chaos. During your time here, any decision you make through him, no matter how horrific it may seem, will come with no restrictions and no punishments. I assure you, this experience will be very enjoyable for both of you!

Well... that is unless you or anyone else finds and picks up "The Klovix Keyboard", a tool given to the people of this land by its creator a long, long time ago, after he chose to abandon the world he built. Anyone in possession of this keyboard would have the power to change the rules of all existence.

Knowing that such a tool could end their carefree lifestyle with the single click of a key, the people chose to cast it away in order to forever preserve their freedom.

Since then, there has only been one rule created in this lawless society, and it was to never, ever use the Klovix Keyboard.

Of course, you could always just disregard that rule and establish the society of your choosing, or you could protect the keyboard from those that want to take it for themselves and abuse its power. I don't really care what you do. I'm just the author after all; none of this affects me in any way.

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