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PSA For Aspiring Noobs on 9/1/2020 8:34:26 PM

I love this song! I used to have all the words memorized but it's been a few years. I really ought to go through my Weird Al playlist again.

Hello! on 8/14/2020 3:23:40 PM

Welcome to the site ^_^ I'd recommend starting with the stories on the featured page! You'll find a bunch of Endmaster's stories there (I see they've been recommended to you here) as well as others in various genres that have been deemed worthy of attention. Look forward to seeing you around!

Not Really New on 8/11/2020 4:12:30 PM

Thanks Ogre!

Not Really New on 8/11/2020 1:04:46 AM

Ooooooh I need to meet the new people ^_^

Not Really New on 8/10/2020 10:02:20 PM

I'm confused... From y'all's perspective doesn't the fact that I can't feel physical attraction make it more likely that I'd date him?

Not Really New on 8/10/2020 9:51:03 PM

Hey Berka!

Not Really New on 8/10/2020 5:33:02 PM

That's kind of hilarious... but also really sad.

Not Really New on 8/10/2020 4:58:57 PM

Just wanted a fresh start I suppose ^_^ I don't think I need anything from the old account but thank you for giving me the chance to check first!

And yes, for those I haven't met yet, Ford is my boyfriend. Don't worry, I don't go around posting a bunch of lovey-dovey messages or anything.

Not Really New on 8/10/2020 4:40:08 PM

Hello ^_^ Figured I should post here and greet everyone. I had an account here a while back, but ended up needing to step back for a while and deal with some personal stuff. I figured it'd be best to make a (sort of) fresh start. I really want to get back into writing again, and this site has always provided harsh but helpful feedback and challenges. Happy to write with you all again (or for the first time if we haven't met)! See you around the forums!

- Rieka (formerly Leora)