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Sundown and Nova: A love that spans the stars on 11/20/2020 11:51:18 PM
Cat and Kryton are tied for best character in my mind, though it's a pretty close race between all of them.

Slime and Punishment on 11/20/2020 11:49:18 PM
I always found them annoying myself. Teenage me spent years trying to hide them underneath oversized t-shirts and find a bra that would let me survive P.E.

Slime and Punishment on 11/20/2020 11:07:20 PM
How to Not be Banned: Rule 1: Do not provoke Endmaster. Rule 2: See Rule 1.

Proofreading request on 11/18/2020 2:20:05 AM
Did anyone end up volunteering? If not I would be happy to help ^_^

Writing/Plotting Software? on 11/17/2020 9:28:31 PM
I've been using Snowflake Pro since it became essentially free (just used Google Docs and Mindmup like the cheap-ass I am before that), but I downloaded the free trial of Plottr and so far I'm really liking it! Not sure if I want to take the full plunge and buy the full verison though. If I'm going to be putting money down, I want to make sure I've looked at all the best options. So I figured I'd ask here: what software (if any) do you use to map outlines and keep track of stories? Are they free, and if not are they worth the price?

Best Disney Villain? on 11/17/2020 9:19:49 PM
I forgot the Muppets are a Disney thing now. THIS. CHANGES. EVERYTHING. Muppet Treasure Island is honestly so underrated.

Best Disney Villain? on 11/16/2020 8:20:01 PM
Oh absolutely! My aunt has a friend who can't even watch the movie because Mother Gothel is so much like their POS manipulative mom that watching it brings up traumatic memories.

Best Disney Villain? on 11/16/2020 7:36:44 PM
100% agreed on the Maleficent live action films, and I actually LIKE that kind of storyline when it's done well. Unfortunately it's very rarely done well. I think they fell into the "subversion for subversion's sake" trap, but so did a lot of people I guess since the movie is crazy popular.

Best Disney Villain? on 11/16/2020 7:34:29 PM
Hades is hands down my favorite Disney villain, and Scar's "Be Prepared" has got to be my favorite villain number. Frolo was awesome, but he was more complex in the musical (which I saw first) so I think that taints my view of him a bit. Hellfire was a huge step for Disney in my opinion, and it really paid off. I'll have to go through and watch the movies again to make a ranking. Any excuse to watch Disney movies!

Old account banned on 11/15/2020 6:49:53 PM
It's pretty unlikely they'll go back on their decision here, but it looks like your game is in Sneak Preview mode so if you want your writing back you can go directly to the link and access it there. You'll have to copy-paste everything out, but in the future I'd recommend keeping a copy of the things you write anyway. Hope this helps ^_^