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Hello! I'm Saraceaser, a lover of all things adventurous! I'm pretty new to the CYOS community, though I've written many novels (mostly fan fiction), so I'm pretty well versed in writing and all. I love adventure, action, epics, and heroism, and I kind of like sci-fi, and historical fiction along with a few select realistic fiction. I'm not a fan of drama, horror, and definitely not romance, though a tiny bit is fine as long as it's not the main focus like in Twilight. (Sorry to all Twilight saga fans, but I just can't.) I'm more into things such as the Marvel Universe, the D.C. Universe, Heroes, and a bunch of others, but I absolutely despise dislike things such as Pretty Little Liars, Twilight saga, and other such things. 

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An Epic Story: TBD

An Epic Story: The Fall of Light

A fallen star. That's how everything starts. Lost and confused, nothing but your newly found companions with you, can you find out how to save the world before it's too late?


Welcome to the World of Terrian!

This world, on the verge of destruction from a war a millennium long, is in dire need of a hero. Can you be the one, and regain what you have lost?


Play as either Valiant or Valoura, and travel around this world to ultimately bring it life, or to it's knees, and maybe a bit both! Based off of many different things, from huge role-play games to awesome adventure series along with a bit from the creator's imagination, this Story-Game is an epic adventure, and each move you make will either seal your fate or create new paths before you! Can you make it to the end and save all life?


This game has _ different endings, and depending on your choices you may get an Epilogue as well. Of these endings, _ are considered 'good' endings, _ are the 'bad' endings, and there is a Secret ending as well, though it may take a few tries to get this one. You can be one of five different Races that wander Terrian and can be one of the six different Roles as well. Though there are third-person moments throughout, the game is mostly a first-person experience. On top being the different real ending a you can have, there are many side endings as well that can happen in the middle of the game, but beware of these ones, for they don't all... how should you say, end well?


As you progress through the Story, you will meet many characters, both main and side. Depending on how well you communicate with them and your choices from the start, they will love you, hate you, or both. The factions of the endless war will try to sway you, but can you stay strong against them?

An Epic Story: The Light of Lumina

Escape: Counterplex

Take on the roll of Agent Rainier as you walk into HQ as any other day for a debriefing of a new mission, but not everything is as it seems. Something terrible goes wrong inside the HQ building and everyone else seems to be either dead, captured, or fled. Trapped inside the building with something malicious having taken over, you need to make your way through to either find a safe exit, free your fellow captured agents, and/or put a stop to the force that has captured HQ. Be warned, however, as traps and dangers of all kinds awaits around every corner and you may not make it out a live. 

Can you survive the force that has taken over Counterplex?

Notes: This game is puzzle-heavy and you will probably die many times over before reaching one of the endings. As of now there are 5 possible endings, 1 being the hardest to achieve as the 'Best Ending', 3 being 'Good and Bad Endings' if you want to consider them that depending on how you look at it, 1 being the 'Easy and Lame Ending' which you can achieve if you want to finish the game as fast possible, and 1 being the 'Worst Ending' where everything goes to hell and you basically... Well, you'll see if you reach it. There are a lot of mini endings where you just simply die because you fell for a trap, you insert the wrong code, or something along those lines. 

Also, just going to put it out there that even though certain options work fine for one path, it most definitely does NOT mean they work well for another; Sometimes it works, other times you'll probably end up dead, captured, or something along those lines, so just warning you now if you end up trying different paths.

Please note that items in the game ARE IMPORTANT... PROBABLY. Case in point, the items are generally there for a reason, but do know that you will be able to use them most of the time unless the game directly relates them to your current situation. You can try to use each item every page anyway if you want to, but it's generally a waste of time. 

Oh, and because most of the items are important to solving the puzzles, even if you miss some you will be able to eventually go back and get them, but be aware depending on where you are in the game it may be a while before you are able to.

If anything is wrong, please let me know and I'll fix it ASAP! This game has a lot of innuendos and allegories with hidden meanings scattered throughout, so cookies to those who can find them including a couple of easter eggs I added because why not. Happy escaping! 

Escape: The City of Gold

Lost In the Unknown...

"Where... Am I?"

Having been separated from your friends on a research trip through the Amazon rainforest in South America, you find yourself lost in the forest with only a map and the few supplies you have. As you wander through the land, you discover clues that leads you on a thousand year old hunt and quickly find you're not the only one. Can you solve the mystery, escape the clutches of your pursuers, and find you friends and way back home?

Researching Lost Legends...

The jungle, an entirely different world from our own, is full of mystery, the majority completely unexplored. Become research student Blake Landon who travels to the lost jungle in order to research the different legends and myths that surround it, but a simple helicopter ride turns disastrous when a heavy storm hits. Waking up in the aftermath, you find yourself stranded in a foreign jungle.

Explore the Amazon...

As you traverse the heavy, dense jungle, you find yourself 

Name Will Come Later

This will have important stuff (maybe) in it. Possibly. If I feel like it.

PMD: Journey of Stars

Pokemon: Darkness Rising (TBD)

Wormholes, Chaotic Weather, and the Legendary Pokemon are Running Rampant!

Can you be the one to save the world?


Play as Hope, a teen living a normal life in the rural town of Fides in the region of Elpis. Everything seems well, when a dream and an unexpected meeting leads you on the journey of a lifetime!

With your faithful Pokemon and friends at your side, journey throughout the region, gaining clues and unraveling a plot that would destroy the world!


(Notes: So... a Pokemon CYOA! With Cliches and Heroism galore! Oh, yay, what fun! Just takes more than a year to get the mechanics down, let alone the story! Um... I hope you enjoy? Meh, I tried.)

Secrets of a Secret

Warning: The Secret has been compromised - Emergency Code Z-13

Enter: Agent 'Ranger'

Espionage, Deceit, Ancient Secrets.... The life of a Spy Agent just got more complicated then it began with.

When the 'Secret' is exposed while out on an otherwise normal mission, you find yourself on the run from the rest of the World. Lies, Greed, Secrets.... Can you and your new acquaintance survive long enough to get your name cleared and save the World from itself?

Skyrim: Dragonborn

(Spoiler alert! Though I suppose that should be obvious, huh?)

Having been captured, you find yourself sentenced to death, but with the long dead past coming back to haunt the present, it seems fate has something else planned for you...


Welcome to Skyrim

Skyrim is in great tumult as one war has just ended with another ever seemingly on the horizon. Fear, power, and every other great evil descends upon all, and with the appearance of a Dragon, rumors begin to spread with monstrous dragons on the horizon... As the Last Dragonborn, can you save the world from the reign of many evils?


Till the Dawn