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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my page. I am a third year student studying international history at Georgetown University in Washington DC, though I am currently abroad in Amman, Jordan. I hope one day to be a published novelist, though I am currently more avidly pursuing my goal of becoming a diplomat with the United States Foreign Service.

I have been known, from time to time, to offer advice on stories that pop up in the "Newly Created" section. I recognize that this may seem somewhat unfair of me, as I do not yet have any stories of my own, but I feel that I have valid advice to give. Whether or not to take it is entirely up to you. My intent is not to discourage anyone but to help beginners to improve.

I have gone by a great many names over my eight or so years writing on the internet, abandoning each one so as to start fresh when I grow bored with sites I've joined. I am trying to break this habit and see my works through to completion. My current name is a Drow name from the Forgotten Realms setting. Its literal meaning is "silent harbinger."

I have a great many ideas bouncing around at the moment, many of them far too ambitious to be practical. This is why I do not offer sneak previews of my writings. It is my fervent hope that I will relatively soon have a high-quality story to contribute, but I make no guarantees; my studies leave me incredibly busy, and I frequently change my mind about what to write.

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