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Just another anonymous perfectionist trying to write something I like enough to publish.

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Dead Centre

A somewhat serious zombie survival for the mature apocalypse fan. Play from point of infection to years later (if you can survive). Every choice you make will impact the outcome of the main character. Many gruesome deaths, minimal positive outcomes. As realistic as possible whilst still being about the unrealistic occurrence of a zombie apocalypse. Enjoy.

Light is Dark

"A dystopian, futuristic war story about the blurred line between good and evil"

Set in the not-too-distant future of 2315. Advances in science, medicine and technology saw the rise of some rich and powerful leaders. As their power and influence grew, so did that of the church. After a very public disagreement in the World Senate, the leaders of various countries were overthrown and murdered. The creators of cybernetic enhancements were captured and tortured into creating advanced weapons.  World War III has been raging ever since, for the past 30 years straight. Follow the story of Reks Ribnic, leader of the cybernetics division of the resistance, in a war to decide the fate of the very world. 


"If you're going to fail, fail spectacularly..."

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Storygame Game on 5/13/2015 8:45:35 AM

Another masterful ending by the master of ends. Now we can all rest easy knowing that murder, necrophilia and incest have increased just a little bit in this corner of the Internet. 

Tower of Riddles on 5/5/2015 12:22:52 PM

Copy it into a note pad. The words come up there. 

Tower of Riddles on 5/5/2015 6:15:34 AM

I'd never been able to do it before. I stared forlorn at those roses with unfocused eyes for 15mins before I started fearing my sanity as the shape appeared. Now I want to look up more and see if I can do it again...

Storygame Game on 5/4/2015 5:39:19 PM


Storygame Game on 5/4/2015 5:38:37 PM

Option 666. Obviously it's the only way to go. 

Tower of Riddles on 5/4/2015 5:12:12 PM

Mischief managed. 

Tower of Riddles on 5/4/2015 4:37:55 PM

It's impossible to make white writing stand out on an iphone. Which sucks for a few of these games... 

Tower of Riddles on 5/4/2015 4:36:46 PM

iPhone, actually. And yes, it just occurred to me that it was hidden so I copied the page and pasted it into a document. 

Man. That was eating away at me. So tired :/

Tower of Riddles on 5/4/2015 3:54:13 PM

Ok... I'm probably just a dummy, but I can't get back to sleep until I know for sure there's no other way to win. There has to be something, because I don't understand the final riddle. It's about 10 to 6 in the morning and my infant daughter will be waking me up soon... But I need to know o_o

So... Why is it hard to find a baby polar bear in a snowstorm? 

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Nine on 5/1/2015 3:03:51 AM

"Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, Jerry," sang out the crowd. 

The charismatic host looked at the two people on his stage and held his microphone and cue cards up. "Shanequah. You're here today with your boyfriend Ben to tell him something, but why don't you go ahead and tell us a little about yourself and your relationship first?" 

The short, overweight, fair-skinned woman smiled with bright red lips. "Heeeeeyyyy! Thanks Jerry. You know, my boy here and I bin together fo' six months," she begins as she indicates towards the skinny, pale blonde boy next to her. "He's bin ma man and buy'd me all of the things, like you know. Ma jewellery and ma TV set and got me on that Jenny Craig. I lost 6 pounds!"

The audience clap politely. Someone wolf whistles. 

"Thaaaannnks! And so, like, I'm in beauty school and I'm gonna be one of them nail technicians. He bin payin' fo' that, too." 

"That's awfully nice of him," says Jerry, walking along the isles. "Now, Ben, how would you describe the nature of your relationship with Shanequah?" 

The skinny boy smiles, showing several missing teeth. "I'm so glad ta be here. I love this show. Them stupid people always fightin'." 

"Yeah, they do that..." says Jerry. "Ok, Shanequah, why don't you fill your boyfriend in?" 

"Oh, nah, he didn't like that too much the first time so's we ain't tried it again," replied the obese woman. 

Jerry waits for the jeering audience to calm down. "Tell Ben why you've brought him here today." 

Shanequah looks over to Ben. "Babe. Y'all know I love yew. That I dun anythan fo' yew. That I say I wish there were two a yew so I could be lovin' yew up whilst yew still at work diggin' holes." 

The skinny boy blinks and stares blankly at the cameras, scratching his crouch absently. 

"Well, I brung yew here ta tell ya I bin sleepin' wid yo' long lost twin brother, Dayle." 

"Come on out, Dayle," says Jerry over the screaming and hooting crowd. 

Another skinny blonde boy wearing baggy jeans and a singlet struts out onto the stage and after showing his minuscule muscles to the delighted audience, turns and sticks his tongue down the obese woman's throat. 

Ben stands up, grabs his chair and smacks Dayle over the head with it. 

Dayle stumbles as Shanequah screams. 

Dayle turns and runs at his twin, spear tackling him to the ground. They start to struggle and swear. 

"STEVE, STEVE, STEVE, STEVE," chant the audience as the muscular bald man jumps onto the stage with an equally muscular black man and the pair hold the fighting boys apart with what looks like minimal effort. 

Ben shrugs Steve's big hands off after a few minutes and resumes his seat, now on the opposite side of the stage. 

Dayle sits down and puts a hand on Shanequah's meaty thigh. 

"So..." begins Jerry. "...thoughts, dare I ask?" 

Dayle pipes up. "Yeah, Jerry. I think that this here lady needs a real man ta give it to 'er. Not this ugly waste of flesh over 'ere." 

Ben sprints across the stage and manages a firm punch to the identical face of his enemy. 

Dayle brings up his knee as the pair fall backwards, and through the incoherent yelling says, "YEW AINT GONNA NEED THEM NUTS NOW BOY! I BIN FUCKIN' YO' HOE FIR MONTHS!" 

Ben grabs hold of the tiny plait set at the back of Dayle's head and yanks it as Steve pulls him off his twin again. 

Dayle rolls around on the floor, holding the back of his head and screaming. "MA TAIL! BITCH RIPPED OUT MA TAIL! FUCKER GONNA DIE!!" 

Shanequah is standing to the side of the stage, yelling and flailing her hands wildly. Her long pink nails gleam as she flaps a hand towards Dayle. "BABY! Oh God, now you're UGLY!" 

Dayle, in the hands of the black security guard, stands and is shoved back into his seat. 

At the same time, Steve pushes Ben into his seat. The skinny boy holds up the small plait to the audience, who go wild. 


Jerry waits a few minutes for things to calm down. Someone in the crowd behind him calls out; "Slut, slut, slut," in an attempt to get another chant going. It doesn't take. The chanter peters off and there's a collective chuckle before Jerry speaks. 

"Dayle... Ben... Clearly there's no way to win by fighting. What do you think can be done to end the fighting and maybe find a solution that works for everyone?" 

The audience clap politely. 

Dayle raises his hand. "Yeah Jerry, I know." He stands and faces Ben on the other side of the stage, still holding the blonde plait. In a blink, he pulls a handgun from the back of his pants and fires 5 bullets into his twin before the black security guard tackles him and knocks the gun a safe distance away. 

The audience scream and run as Jerry is rushed out by five large body guards. 


(This is literally all my brain could do today. Teething babies don't let single mum's sleep... At least it's somewhat amusing. Maybe. For me.)