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Escape From Britannia Part II: Area 51
After escaping for the aliens, you crashland in Area 51. Find the man and run down the aliens.

War is coming....

Escape From Britannia Part III: War In Area 51
Following off the escape from Area 51, you have rushed back in to find war throughout the whole base. The man has also been captured by the aliens. Find him and save the world!

Escape From Britannia: Part I
The end of the world will come upon you. You have to escape from Britannia as soon as you can.

Escape From Britannia: Part II
Escape From Britannia: The War

Eventia 2086

Please note: This adventure is largely unfinished as of now, I only publish it to give people a small look at the first couple of chapters. The full game will hopefully be much longer, have several storylines and special secrets for those who are willing to look. Is it worth me continuing the story? Leave any opinions in the comments for me pleasekthx :)

The city of Eventia was born in the year 2060 to research time-travel after an experiment into faster-than-light failed, causing time disruptions all over the globe.

Eventia eventually blossomed into a giant city, the Silicon-Valley level technology promising a greater lifestyle.

The year is 2086. You live in the slums of Eventia, also known as the Diamond District. You've got a day or two free from the work at the research facilities in High District.

A terrorist attack is planned to destroy the whole world, not just Eventia. You might not know it now, but you're going to play a critical role in the world of Eventia.

Pushing A Desert Army
Push on a desert land to end the game.

Pushing A Desert Army: The Castle
Part II of Push A Desert Army.


Play on a desert island in WarGames! Face the enemy up on the mountain to take them over, but you can use any of the tools around you to do so. Good luck. You'll need it.

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It's been a VERY long time on 9/9/2010 1:35:21 AM

Wow. I can't believe I still remembered My Adventure Game (or Choose Your Story, I guess the revamp happened while I was away :D) after all these years. I haven't been around because my interest in writing dropped (thanks to my high school for that :/) but, after a long time, I'm back. I didn't know much about this place though; heck, I only published my last game 4 years ago. Things have probably changed from what I was able to glean back then.

Anyway, I'm here, I'm a better writer, I'm (hopefully) more mature than I was before (don't count on it though ;) ) and I look forward to getting to know this community.

Also, for the last two weeks or so I've been working on a storygame just to refresh my mind about the way things work; if anybody is willing to try it out and give me feedback on every little detail you're free to go and have a look:

Anyway, it's good to see you guys again (even though a lot of you probably barely remember me if not at all :P)

PS: Is there any way I can get my username changed? Wanna shed the old snake skin :)

Magazine on 2/23/2006 9:52:02 PM
What about me and a couple of co-authors make a magazine about MAG. Reviews, previews, interviews with authors, demos, most of that stuff. Anyone think that's a good idea?

New name for ? on 11/7/2005 7:52:42 PM
How about

Game Ideas on 10/31/2005 8:12:12 PM
I need some ideas for a game. Any. I'll change any ideas a little bit, of course. I wouldn't plagarize your ideas.

SuperStoryMan's Questions on 8/1/2005 9:55:29 PM
Okay, sorry about the adware. Check out my magazine.

SuperStoryMan's Questions on 7/18/2005 3:55:42 AM

I need a good idea! on 6/2/2005 11:25:29 PM
If you have any good ideas, please thread onto this!

re:Choose Your Own Adventure: My Edition on 6/2/2005 11:24:34 PM
Okay, I've stopped it. Thanks for the hint.

Choose Your Own Adventure: My Edition on 6/2/2005 9:15:11 PM
Please post me ideas for a page on a C Your Own Adventure Game and I'll put them on my story and update nearly every day! View the first page on the 3/6/05.