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Help CoG refugees learn the editor on 4/17/2021 3:37:44 AM
Well if it's at all similar to the CoG shot then I should be alright. I had about 30k words in that at one point and had it saved on a flash drive and notes in a book but lost both and they kept updating the coding software faster than I could modernize it so I just said fuck it. TBh, I think I'm not gonna do my passion project for the first one, I'll just write something vanilla to get a feel for it. Maybe something set in the Roman Empire. And I didn't see the basics and rules links on the my stories page before post, so like I said, if it's simple enough to use I'll probably be able to do something at least just to get a feel for it. It sounds like you were saying you can add variables and such though. I'm CoG you had to make a separate page to track variables and all that. Is that the same with this? Ie do pushups plus 1 strength kinda deal?

Help CoG refugees learn the editor on 4/16/2021 4:27:44 AM
What I was wondering though is if there is a guide to posting a story on this site or whatever. I have the skins and bones of something that I still have to flesh out but I'd really like to try and make it happen. Thing with CoG was the coding but seemed straight forward, not sure how this site works though.

Help on 4/16/2021 4:25:20 AM
What works for me drawing up one of those plot webs. If you have an idea on how to start and how to finish, write up a couple pages of non-content for the setting. Characters, factions, places events that will always happen at a certain time. This helps you visualize the world you are building in, at least it does for me. And the more details you add, ie how a faction operates, what a certain character's past or weakness is, can help you evolve your story on an organic way. Like if this meteor smashes this city at this time this faction will respond this way because they operate off of this ethic and their boss is this and this city was important to them because of this and this character will respond this way because *insert prologue character here* is here and they felt about them this way so now the MC has to deal with this situation in the city, this station's response and this character's response. I think the best way to do the story is have your beginning and end, flesh out the setting and let the challenges that the MC faces organically raise from details on your setting as the story by progresses. Just don't forget to make the end matter along the way.

Fight The Fascist IFaggotry! on 4/16/2021 3:56:55 AM
Yeah it was MAU but I can't find it on the CoG forum anymore. Maybe I'm misremembering, I don't think I am, feel like it's just been sanitized over there but all I've got is a memory of reading through the basement section knowing what was gonna happen and thinking I had read this before. And at the end when there is a column of lizards marching out of a dropship. Idk, my memory clearly says I read that over on CoG and it was practically word for word but like I said, I can't find it anymore. P.S. Mecha Ace was beautiful

Fight The Fascist IFaggotry! on 4/15/2021 1:44:08 PM
That's a lie, I was able to make an account on here. Professional CYS lurker since like 2007. Though I did kinda stop coming to this place in like 2011 or 12. Had found CoG. Broke my cherry with them on Zombie Exodus and was obsessed. Obviously that's all out the window now though. The best games they have are like y'all have said, the ones where the company has no control over. You Sent going to find anything like eternal or necromancer on there though and that kinda sucks. There's a lot of really good content on this site. Something I was thinking about though, I am fairly certain I read that CoG book Mecha Ace here first years ago. Like, I know I did. Does anyone know if they were the same author or what? And it might not be "Mecha Ace" specifically, it's the one with the not gundums fighting the lizards with swords when You rescue some chick who I think was a doctor something idk. But like, if that wasn't the same person that wrote the story here, they literally ripped an entire story from this site practically word for word. Long live the empire here though haha