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I like to write. I know I am exceptional at doing this because I made a superhero comic when I was six and my mother told me it was very, very good, so therefore I must be perfect.

Seriously though, It'll probably be average. I expect the source material will be rather unique for this site (i.e. video game fanfiction) and it'll be interesting to see the reactions to my work. 

I am currently working on:

Smile! A Poppy Playtime story



(Currently on Hiatus :p

Will be back soon. Not abandoned!)



A Poppy Playtime Fan Fiction storygame 

Taking place years before the events of the main game, you play as the newest member of the Smiling Critters, or rather, their counterparts from the Bigger Bodies Initiative, which takes children from Playtime Co.'s onsite orphanage and transforms them into living toys made to mimic the public's favorite brands. They use them to do work, kill people, be experimented on, etc. 

Choose your path -

focus on escape and retransformation as you team up with Ollie and try to find a way out and take their experiments public;

Join forces with Poppy and find a way to stop the experiments for good;

 Follow the Prototype and try to murder everyone at Playtime Co. 

And of course a bajillion variations of the aforementioned three routes. 


I am on hiatus for the time being, so this project will be paused for a while. It won't be abandoned, just postponed while I deal with some stuff irl. 

This will also be my first storygame, so whenever I eventually release it I hope people will enjoy it. 


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How long are average stories? on 2/13/2024 1:36:55 PM

I'm asking so I don't go overboard, which people tell me I tend to do . . . 

How long is the average story? like, the readtime?

what's the acceptance level on fan fiction here? on 2/5/2024 5:00:50 PM
I'll do my best to avoid being terrible. :p

what's the acceptance level on fan fiction here? on 2/5/2024 3:45:29 PM
gotcha. I just hope people keep in mind that the writing isnt gonna be top-tier, I've never written before

what's the acceptance level on fan fiction here? on 2/5/2024 1:20:10 PM
Hey there I'm new to the site and curious to know how well-recieved interactive fanfiction work is here. My first thought was AO3, but they don't support interactive stories, and after a brief look-around it seems as if this site has the best tools for writing interactive fiction, but I just want to know what the stance is on that sort of thing before I go diving in. It would all completely normal videogame fanfiction, no warrior cats or furry porn shit. I mainly write about horror indie games, stuff like FNAF, Poppy Playtime, DDLC, and the like. I would also promise to take my work completely seriously, i.e. I would treat it like a proper horror story, and do my best to polish the story and make it good. Have a nice day, Thrumb