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Audiobooks for work on 1/21/2022 6:20:31 PM
Please post recommendations. I am cheap. YouTube is the preferred platform.

When is TWOW coming out? on 8/9/2021 8:26:49 AM
GRRM is taking forever. I remember reading the books in middle school, what are your thoughts? When do you think it will release? Do you think it ever will?

Sup on 8/2/2021 8:54:06 PM
How many people have the same IP or is there an issue with the server? Because I remember me and coins were accused of being the same person because apparently we had the same IP.

Sup on 8/2/2021 8:12:42 PM

I still get it on with gay dudes, just not as much as I used to.

Sup on 8/1/2021 9:50:07 PM

I have a tranny girlfriend, a loser job, faggot friends, and retarded hobbies.

Sup on 7/29/2021 8:07:24 PM

Yea I never fucked anything illegal. I still suck off sailors from time to time but overall I just don’t get out as much anymore.

Sup on 5/22/2021 4:18:22 PM
Chow hall or some variation

Sup on 3/25/2021 7:08:56 PM

I haven’t been here in years, used to get molested when I was like 11. Things were much different in 2013 when Kiel was around lol.