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Camp Evergreen

You play as a 14 year old boy named Anon. Anon has been sent to a summer camp ran by his parent's friend from highschool. in only the first week of camp a murder happens it's up to you and your friends to find out who the murderer is before you're the next victim

Fantasy RPG v1

choose your class

choose your route of adventure

defeat the demiorc

this game is like a normal rpg game that will give you choices on how you will fight,use items, or run. you do exp in this game

Resurgence:Start Of New Life

you control jack a thirteen year old boy, taken by aliens recruiting him and other adolescents who have SURGE potential. Jack doesn't know what to expect. But he's sure he needs to get strong in order to find out more about PROJECT JUGGERNAUT.

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Dating sim type game? on 9/10/2016 1:00:54 PM

im thinking of making a dating sim type game. but im a newbie so i dont really know how to make a really good one. but if you want to use me to help make your own dating sim just ask. i can help with character ideas and whatnot and all i ask is to enjoy the game you may make