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Black, Female or Gay? on 7/4/2020 12:27:04 PM

Through extensive miscigenation, the true ethnicity of every brazillian is unknown.

EDIT: Straight white male.

Black, Female or Gay? on 7/3/2020 4:00:24 PM

Straight Asian Male

Congrats everyone! on 7/2/2020 11:34:15 PM

The mayans were eight years off.

Looting For Great Justice! on 7/2/2020 11:19:47 AM

Perhaps the boogaloo isn't over yet. If I can get more laughs out of retarded ancoms getting beat up by policemen it'll be worth it.

There never was a Sci fi storygame speed challenge on 7/1/2020 10:10:59 PM

I'm sorry but I still have trouble understanding you lol

Are there any Specifics on pictures? on 6/29/2020 12:40:54 PM

I would recommend picking stock photos or pictures with the biggest watermarks you can find. This is a writing website so the bigger the words the better.

Commie Coke on 6/29/2020 12:32:04 PM

Most here probably knew of this already, but the USA held a exhibit on Sokolniki Park and one of the items exhibited was Pepsi Cola. Some photo with Nixon and Khrushchev drinking pepsi made the drink blow up there and they ended up negotiated a cola monopoly on the USSR.

Due to the restrictions on the exchange of rubles abroad, the soviets ended up bartering Stolichnaya vodka for Pepsi. The interesting part is that this deal was renegotiated in 1990, and the soviets ended up bartering a small fleet for pepsi instead. This all made PepsiCo become the 6th largest military power on the world for a brief while, before they sold the fleet to a swedish company for scrapping.

Hey i'm new on 6/27/2020 2:53:14 PM


Hey i'm new on 6/27/2020 2:40:09 PM

Hello! Please tag Endmaster three times to get support from the staff.

2 Minutes Hate: Now with omnidirectional vitriol! on 9/8/2019 12:51:10 PM

Your social credits were zeroed.